june 2018

21jun11:4512:15Carolyn Black & Carol Laidler: I BANKS I11:45 - 12:15 C: Studio 3

Event Details

A poetic, duo-performance, talk with slides/footage.

A collaboration between Carolyn Black and Carol Laidler – the outcome of a series of meetings/actions on both sides of the Severn. 4 meetings/actions – 4 pairs of riverbanks.

We will elect a number of word-pairings to explore, on opposite banks of the river.

collusion – collision
mediated – contested
dividing – converging
still – moving
tide in – tide out

We will investigate our agreed words on facing banks, using a range of media and actions – photography, drawing, film, sound-recording, writing – whatever feels relevant to the specific place, the day, the moment.

It will be both experimental and co-incidental, working separately in parallel, sometimes synchronised, sometimes not. Later, we’ll come together to explore the similarities and differences in what we have made/written. Like a palindrome, it will be possible to see the work in both directions, informed by the push and pull of the tides.

We’re interested in geologies, economies, communities and the natural forces of the bore in play. The concept of ‘both sides’ immediately raises issues as dichotomies. Though both of us have been working on related projects, this will be the first time we have collaborated. We live on opposite sides, yet have much in common; being artists is our river, words provide our flow.

We will work closely together to condense our findings and make a performance that speaks of both sides of the river.


Carolyn Black (MFA, UWIC) director, Flow Contemporary Arts.
I’ve been writing, drawing & considering both sides of the Severn for years. I commission work for unusual locations, my practice reflects that.


Carol Laidler (MFA, UWE) co-director, alldaybreakfast.
Fascinated by the contested edges between sea, river and land, my work examines resonances of place and narrative through words, image, installation.

We’ve enjoyed rich discussions about practice, both love watery edges and words. We work with a range of mediums and concepts. Our collaboration is a collusion, which will evidence different experiences of the river, mediated through process and refinement.




(Thursday) 11:45 - 12:15


C: Studio 3

Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EN