june 2018

21jun16:4017:10Li An Phoa: Drinkable Rivers, source to sea16:40 - 17:10 C: Studio 3

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Growing up 7 meters below sea-level, the lowest place in the Netherlands, next to the river Maas, water was abundant, present and obvious. A first deep wilderness experience, canoeing a month the Rupert River in northern Quebec taught me how Drinkable Rivers are indicators of healthy relations. I became aware of the reciprocal relations of river, bedding, river bank, and all living systems in the entire watershed for emergent qualities like drinkability and vitality.

Thirteen years later, I made this lesson into my mission to engage local people and professionals towards an Economy of Care where Drinkable Rivers are Indicators of Healthy Ways of Living. This project includes a source-to-sea river curriculum to raise awareness and commit people to take care of their river. During the Liquidscapes, I will walk the river Maas from the source in France to the North Sea. On walks organised with my nomadic school Spring College, I brings together people in our (wisdom of) places and ground our daily life choices (economy) in accordance with the logic of life (ecology). I would love to story tell my journey with you. EIther live with youin Devon (where I studied MSc Holistic Science 2006-2007) or online during the Maas river walk. www.DrinkableRivers.org


Li An Phoa is founder of Spring College and initiator of Drinkable Rivers. She engages people in walks, through outdoor events and projects around landscapes, food and water. She invites people into a sensorial and inquiring relationship with each other and the earth. She weaves ecosystems and cross-pollinates relations by building bridges among people, disciplines and industries. She works with organisations such as Triodos Bank as well as with innovative farmers, artists and indigenous people. She is a university lecturer at e.g. the Erasmus and Nyenrode Business University. Her nomadic life and walking twelvethousand kilometers – is a form of art in itself. www.SpringCollege.org


(Thursday) 16:40 - 17:10


C: Studio 3

Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EN