june 2018

20jun17:4018:10Minty Donald & Nick Millar: Watermeets17:40 - 18:10 C: Studio 3

Event Details

Watermeets is an evolving series of context-specific performances that explore ideas and practices of meeting among humans, waters, and other things. Watermeets has previously been presented in rural Scotland; Hamburg, Germany and Kuopio, Finland. Each iteration is created in response to the specific human-water inter-relations existing in the environment in which it is presented. In Watermeets, meeting is a more-than-human activity, one in which both humans and other-than-humans participate. Watermeets uses playful rituals of meeting and greeting (among humans, water and other things) to explore the potential and test the limits of more-than-human ‘meetings’.

For Watermeets (Dartington) we propose to evoke and reflect on previous iterations of Watermeets (using documentary images/video) and to introduce a new meeting activity, devised in response to the specific context of Liquidscapes at Dartington. This might entail meetings between different types of water (fresh, waste, salt), meetings between water in different states (liquid, solid, vapour), rituals around drinking and toasting.

In Watermeets, meeting is complex and not necessarily benign. Meetings can be awkward, unequal, risky, unruly, as well as tranquil, familiar, generative, invigorating and nurturing. Meetings might lead to the dissolution of identity (a stream subsumed within a larger river) or contamination (where water perceived as ‘clean’ mixes with seemingly polluted water). Human-water encounters may entail risk of disease or drowning, as well as holding the potential for refreshment, purification and pleasure.

We are artist-researchers whose collaborative practice investigates what it means to be ‘human’ in a world that we understand as much more-than-human. Our work is context- specific and takes multiple forms including performance, writing and installation. For over six years, our practice has focused on human-water inter-relations, specifically among humans and rivers or other watercourses. Recent work includes THEN/NOW, a project with/for the Forth and Clyde Canal, Glasgow and Guddling About, an ongoing project with rivers and other watercourses in Canada, Spain, Germany, Australia, Finland and Scotland. http://donaldmillar2014.tumblr.com

Minty Donald is a senior lecturer in contemporary performance, University of Glasgow.


(Wednesday) 17:40 - 18:10


C: Studio 3

Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EN