june 2018

22jun12:0512:35Mirjami Lantto - Rivering: a creative positioning among a liquid landscape12:05 - 12:35 B: Studio 1

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In this presentation, I will discuss and show parts of a ‘geopoetic’ short film that I produced as part of a recent research project: ‘Rivering; positioning among a liquid landscape in the Anthropocene’. This film is not intended as an art work, but acts as an embodied and emotional coming-together of a researcher and a riverscape (the River Torne that flows through Finnish and Swedish Lapland). In searching for the varying human and non-human temporalities and ‘communications’ of a riverscape, the film is an exploration of not only the ‘rivering’ of our world (due to the crossing of planetary boundaries), but the ‘rivering of self’: an ontological positioning among the flow of atoms (Brettel 2016). In discussing the research process through which the film emerged, I wish to contribute to a conversation on thinking with water. I aim to unpack how ‘positioning among the flow of atoms’ through creative practice acted as a way for me to recognise my inherent embeddedness in the materiality and the temporality of the river, and ultimately the planet. Essentially, the paper asks weather addressing the materiality of water (that connects things and beings through time and space) might have the potential to viscerally question our physical and ontological boundaries. Tentatively, I wish to suggest that articulating a ‘watery Anthropocene’ may advocate for a more porous, intimate, and felt perspective to our ‘lithic’, generally abstracted discussions of the Anthropocene planet.



I am a first year PhD student in Human Geography at the University of Glasgow. My general interests lie with environmental/geohumanities, and on the place of riverscapes on the Anthropocene planet. My PhD research aims to explore a watery perspective of the Anthropocene that I will develop through a creative exploration of arctic rivers. My interest in the topic swells from a deep personal connection to an arctic riverscape; I grew up by River Torne in Finnish Lapland, and its presence continues to influence my personal and professional life today.


(Friday) 12:05 - 12:35


B: Studio 1

Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EN