june 2018

22jun12:0512:35Thena Tak: Ordinary Reveals12:05 - 12:35 C: Studio 3

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The presence of our water systems has evolved into an invisible and often subterranean network. Turning on our faucets and draining our sinks are moments of our everyday lives that remain isolated from the more global water systems that remain hidden from the public eye. This proposal, Ordinary Reveals, seeks to consider the importance of revealing these water systems as a way to approach our shifting climate and futures.

The work presented at this conference will build off previous research conducted in Cambodia and Vietnam as part of the Eidlitz Travel Fellowship sponsored through Cornell University. Through a collection of photo essays coupled with personal narratives, I hope to share how the vernacular in these two countries has achieved a symbiotic relationship with its water geographies through architecture and everyday rituals. Can we approach our understanding of and relationship to water as more than a primary need, and instead, as an opportunity for collectivity, mindfulness, and even play? To engage this question, the presentation will foreground ordinary lived life as seen through Cambodia and Vietnam. These vignettes have the potential to be illuminating in how water can be perceived as something more than a basic utility and can instead, be seen as a way of life that is embedded in a larger cultural and social milieu.

The presented images and narratives will traverse architecture, landscape, time, and people in an effort to engage plurality of thought and conversation. A sampling of the proposed photographs can be found throughout this proposal.

Fluid snuggles
Kampot Chhnang, Cambodia


Thena Tak is currently a lecturer at the University of British Columbia, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture in Vancouver, BC. Prior to teaching, Thena worked professionally at a number of offices namely, VJAA in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Howeler and Yoon Architecture in Boston, Massachusetts. Her professional experience focused primarily on fabrication and public buildings where she was involved at all levels: design, production, coordination, and execution. Thena holds a Master of Architecture II with Distinction from Harvard University Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University



(Friday) 12:05 - 12:35


C: Studio 3

Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EN