Special event

Night Sit on the River Dart

Naturalist and ornithologist, writer and sound artist, friend, creative partner and art.earth Research Associate Tony Whitehead will offer a night-time sit along the River Dart on midsummer’s night.

These events, often a favourite for those attending art.earth symposia, are simple, quiet, contemplative and deeply personal. Tony guides you through the sound and smells of the night, as the light fades and the night creatures along the river emerge into their natural habitat.

The sit involves quite a lot of sitting, or lying, and whatever is the most comfortable and restful pose. It also involves the occasional meander from one site to another along the river depending on how the mood strikes, how the weather is behaving, and on a moment’s whimsy.

You can come for an hour, or stay all night.

But whatever your plans, you do need to book a place!