Preliminary Programme

This is the preliminary programme. At this stage it reflects the initial outcome of the Programme Committee’s deliberations, but few sessions are confirmed.




There are a variety of durational events happening across the conference.

This includes work by Rona Lee, Jake Elster-Jones, Simon Charter, and Jane Atkinson

Wednesday June 20

TimeStudio 1 + FoyerStudio 3Elsewhere
10.00 - 15.30Plymouth University faculty and staff - A day-long roundtable discussion exploring the potential for interdisciplinary learning between the arts and the sciences to tackle sustainable development goals concerned with water. (Booking required)
15.30Registration Desk open (Tea/coffee)Performance: Claudia Kappenberg
16.30Welcome & Keynote 1: Tristan Gooley How to read water
17.40Keynote 2: Amy Sharrocks Against Dryness
19.00Opening Reception + Buffer Supper + Conference Bar
20.30Special Screening: Kiss the Water (Barn Cinema) (booking required)
21.45Twilight reading of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
23.30Goodnight (BAR CLOSES)

Thursday June 21 (Midsummer’s Day)

TimeStudio 1 + FoyerStudio 3Ship StudioElsewhere
09.00Registration Desk open (tea/coffee)
09.30Plenary: Welcome
Spaces betweenEnvironment / Climate (i)
09.45Eva McGrath: Fluid River Borders: ferry crossing narratives and the experience of being between. Laura Bissell: The Sea and SelfLeslie Geddes: To Move and See Under Water in Leonardo da Vinci’s Drawings Workshop 1a: John Hartley session 1
Workshop 2a: Nikole Bouchard - The Strainer, intro session
10.15Annalaura Alifuoco: The Cry that Tears the Ocean: Bas Jan Arden and the Search for the Miraculous Carey Marks: Water in the Landscape: the challenge of soil erosion Karla Brunet: Liquid Ecoarte
10.45Safet HadziMuhamedovic: Wayward, Hidden Transcripts: Sinking River as Methodology Kelcy Davenport & Artist Activists: RisePeter Downs: River Restoration through a new lens
PlaceArtist presentationsMaking Visible (i)
11.45Michelle Atherton: ARP (Absorbing red photons) Ashleigh Griffith: The Lightness of LivingLászló Munteán: The Underwater Sublime: Visualizing Modern Shipwrecks Roundtable on bodily fluids and function with Tal Regev, Christos Galanis, and Stephen SeabridgeRoundtable on bodily fluids and function with Tal Regev, Christos Galanis, and Stephen Seabridge
12.15Tony Lopez: Living by the ExeCarolyn Black and Carol Laidler: I BANKS IEce Konuk: Underwater atlas: futuristic artefacts
12.45Robert Rowe: Wet Sydney, Soaking Australia: Zygmunt Bauman’s “Liquid Modern Society” and Peter Corris’s Representation of City and Nation in the Cliff Hardy Series PechaKucha (artist presentations)Deborah Wardle: Post-Human Fictional Voices of Groundwater – Underworld Australian Stories of the Anthropocene
14.45Keynote: Prof Paul Murdin
Immersion and EdgelandsEnvironment / Climate (ii)
15.40Angelos Evangelou: Liquid Politics: The Sea and the Literature of an Island Theo Thomas: Defending our rivers with environmental law Workshop 1: David Haley
Workshop 2: Elizabeth Rahman
Workshop 3: Grace Gelder
Workshop 6: Rosalyn Maynard STUDIO 6
16.10Jess Allen: Drop in the OceanKira Rose: Singapore’s Liquid National Identity
16.40Sylvia Crawley: Writing the Mudscape: Lives at the Fringe of the Sea Li An Phoa: Drinkable Rivers, source to sea
17.10Charlotte Price: Falling TideEmanuele Fantini: Watching Nile controversies
17.40Shelby Sutterby: Slipping through your fingers: how contemporary women writers attempt to capture the fluid in the solidReport back from Plymouth University art-science round table / workshop
18.10Sessions close
White Hart Bar open until 23.00
20.30In various venues and in sequence:

Performance:- Silvia Battista: A river is never a matter or peace
Performed reading: Ella Finer (with E Orley and PA Skantze) A Methodology of Locks: the politics of fluid poetics..
Performance:- James Brady in church tower.
Performance: Stephen Seabridge:- His Body of Water.
21.30Nightpaddle (booking required)
23.45Solstice overnight sit by River Dart

Friday June 22

TimeStudio 1 + FoyerStudio 3Ship Studio /Elsewhere
09.00Registration Desk open (tea/coffee)
09.25Introduction to the Day
Making visible (ii)
09.45Rona Lee: That Oceanic Feeling – liquid encounters with the scientific deep Stephanie Stroh: Liquid museology: How to voyage the Maritime Museum Panel (booking required)
Mediating Water: Gender, Genre, Generation 60 minutes
Speaker 1: Joanne Garde-Hansen on ‘Women in Drought and Flood: 1976 and 2007’
Speaker 2: Michael Wilson on ‘Performing Water Stories: The River is a Snake’
Speaker 3: Lindsey McEwen on ‘Flood Archives: Sustaining a Watery Sense of Place’
10.15Hanien Conradie: The Voice of Water: Re-sounding a silenced River Philip Kilner: Fluent in-scapes: Our living blood circulation and heart
10.45Angela McArthur: [re]Sounding BalloonDouglas Mick & Sam Trubridge: concurrency
OntologyEnvironment (iii)Infrastructures (in Ship Studio)
12.05Mirjami Lantto: Rivering; a creative positioning among a liquid landscape Ainslie Murray: The Liquid Air: Imagining Immersion in Architectural Space Thena Tak: Ordinary Reveals
12.35Rhys Trimble & Fay Stevens: ConfluenceFrançois Edwards: River health?Bogdan Iancu: Unstable hydraulic autonomy. Water wells, nature and middle class fantasies in Bucharest suburbs
13.05Simon Peres: How to Make Water Inhabitable? Towards an Ontology Beyond Flow Lizzie Yarina: Fluid Archipelagoes: The Tuvaluan atoll communities of Aotearoa New ZealandNikole Bouchard: The Strainer
14.30Round table: Alice Gartland: sea and river swimming (with guest speakers) (booking required)At various locations

Workshop 1: John Hartley
Workshop 2: Nikole Bouchard
Workshop 3: Rebekah Bloyd
Workshop 4: Sarah Action
Workshop 5: Anne Wolfe-Pauly
Workshop 6: Iain Biggs
Workshop 7: Rita Palandrani

16.15Jake Elster-Jones - evaluation summing up, followed closing ceremony