There are a variety of durational events happening across the conference.

This includes work by Jake Elster-Jones and Simon Charter

Workshop: Anna Wolfe-Pauly‘s‘ Pillow hat will be available as a self-guided workshop and can be done at any time. Read the details here. (Further details to follow)

Film Programme

At various times dotted throughout the day, the film programme will run in Studio 5. Times and details will be on the studio door and updated via Twitter @liquidscapes18

Film-makers will include:

Vicky Vergou/Ann Rapstoff, Amy Cutler, RosaCristina,, Anna Best, Beatrice Jarvis, Jo Croft, Lucietta Williams, Mark Pilkington, Meghan Beitiks, Ruth LeGear, Jess Allen, Carol Laidler, Liz McGowan, and Lara Goodband

We also hope to present a multi-channel sound piece by John Wedgwood Clarke at least once.

Wednesday June 20

TimeStudio 1 + FoyerStudio 3Elsewhere
14.30Registration Desk openOutside Studio 1, a performative participatory intervention by Claudia Kappenberg. Still [DESCRIPTION]
15.15Welcome (Prof. Richard Povall, Liquidscapes Convenor), Rhodri Samuel (CEO, Dartington Hall Trust)
15.30Keynote 1: Tristan Gooley How to read water [ABSTRACT]
16.30Keynote 2: Amy Sharrocks Against Dryness [ABSTRACT]
17.40Jake Elster-Jones: Valuing Water: introduction to an evaluation thread [DESCRIPTION] [Invitation to participate]Minty Donald & Nick Millar: Watermeets [ABSTRACT]Workshop: John Hartley - Behind the Curve (Session 1) (Garden Room) (Participants will take photos throughout event and they will be installed in Studio 1 foyer at noon on Friday) [DESCRIPTION]

Workshop: Nikole Bouchard - The Strainer (Session 1) (Space Reception) [DESCRIPTION]

Workshop: Rebekah Bloyd In Dialogue with Water DESCRIPTION

Each of these is a short, preliminary, meeting with participants to explain/prep for the Workshops on Friday, 14:30 to 16:00.

18.10Stephanie Stroh: Liquid museology: How to voyage the Maritime Museum {ABSTRACT]Natalie Joelle: Gleaned Waters in Lean Culture: Global Marine Gleanologics [ABSTRACT]
18.40Sessions end
19.00IMPORTANT: Read about evening meal optionsBuffet Supper (pre-booking required) BOOK HERE
20.30Special Screening: Kiss the Water (Barn Cinema) [DESCRIPTION]
21.45Crepuscular reading of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Conor Magee [DESCRIPTION] BOOK HERE | Read Conor's introduction

Thursday June 21 (Midsummer’s Day)

TimeStudio 1 + FoyerStudio 3Ship StudioElsewhere
09.00Registration Desk open
Tea/coffee in Garden Room
Ella Finer, Emily Orley, PA Skantze A Methodology of Locks: the politics of fluid poetics - broadcast on Soundart Radio 102.5fm TIME TBC [DESCRIPTION]
09.25Plenary: Welcome
Spaces betweenEnvironment / Climate (i)Materiality
09.45Eva McGrath: Fluid River Borders: ferry crossing narratives and the experience of being between. [ABSTRACT]Minni Jain and Rajendra Singh (Flow Partnership): Art in the water bodies in India [ABSTRACT]Leslie Geddes: To Move and See Under Water in Leonardo da Vinci’s Drawings [ABSTRACT]
10.15Annalaura Alifuoco: The Cry that Tears the Ocean: Bas Jan Arden and the Search for the Miraculous [ABSTRACT]François Edwards: River health? [ABSTRACT]Karla Brunet: Liquid Ecoarte [ABSTRACT]
10.45Safet HadziMuhamedovic: Wayward, Hidden Transcripts: Sinking River as Methodology [ABSTRACT]Inyoung Yoo: Science Walden [Abstract]Kira Rose: Singapore’s Liquid National Identity [ABSTRACT]
PlaceArtist presentationsMaking Visible (i)
11.45Michelle Atherton: ARP (Absorbing red photons) [ABSTRACT]Carolyn Black & Carol Laidler: I BANKS I [ABSTRACT]Ece Konuk: Underwater atlas: futuristic artefacts [ABSTRACT]
12.15Tony Lopez: Living by the Exe [ABSTRACT]PechaKucha (artist presentations) [DETAILS]
Presentations by:
Beatrice Jarvis
Laura Denning
Zoe Tsavdarides
Lucy Williams
Anna Best
Tal Regev: Liquid spreads until it takes over the space [ABSTRACT]
12.45Robert Rowe: Wet Sydney, Soaking Australia: Zygmunt Bauman’s “Liquid Modern Society” and Peter Corris’s Representation of City and Nation in the Cliff Hardy Series [ABSTRACT]RosaCristina: Waterlines as Borderlines: 12 months living at the edge of Europe [ABSTRACT]
14.45Keynote 3: Paul Murdin: Extraterrestrial water and planetary landscapes [ABSTRACT]
Immersion and EdgelandsEnvironment / Climate (ii)
15.40Angelos Evangelou: Liquid Politics: The Sea and the Literature of an Island [ABSTRACT]Theo Thomas: Defending our rivers with environmental law [ABSTRACT]In various locations...

Workshop: Grace Gelder & Imogen di Sapia [DESCRIPTION]
Workshop: Rosalyn Maynard (max 10) [DESCRIPTION] Studio 33
Workshop: Simon Charter, Nigel Wells & Philip Kilner [DESCRIPTION]

16.10Jess Allen: Drop in the Ocean [ABSTRACT]Li An Phoa: Drinkable Rivers, source to sea [ABSTRACT] This is a Skype presentation
16.40Sylvia Crawley: Writing the Mudscape: Lives at the Fringe of the Sea [ABSTRACT]Paul Warwick, Peter Downs, Heidi Morstang, Dave Gilvear and Tim Mills. Learning for the Future (discussion) [ABSTRACT]
17.10Charlotte Price: Falling Tide [ABSTRACT]
18.10Sessions close
18.30SUPPER (Pre-booking required, or on your own) BOOK HERE | IMPORTANT Read about evening meal options
White Hart Bar open until 23.00
20.00Performance: Silvia Battista: A river is never a matter of peace [DETAILS]
20.30Sonic poem: Wallace Heim: the sea cannot be depleted DESCRIPTION
21.00Rona Lee: with all speed to their assistance (participatory reading) Description | Sign up to be a reader
21.30Nightpaddle (booking required - info and booking)
23.45Solstice overnight sit by River Dart [INFORMATION] Booking is required | Book here

Friday June 22

TimeStudio 1 + FoyerStudio 3Ship Studio /Elsewhere
09.00Registration Desk open
Tea/coffee in Garden Room
09.25Introduction to the Day
Making visible (ii)Artist PresentationsEnvironment/Culture
09.45Rona Lee: Truthing Gap – artistic encounters with the scientific deep [ABSTRACT]Rhys Trimble & Fay Stevens: Confluence [ABSTRACT]Panel [ABSTRACT]
Mediating Water: Gender, Genre, Generation
Speaker 1: Joanne Garde-Hansen on ‘Women in Drought and Flood: 1976 and 2007’
Speaker 2: Michael Wilson on ‘Performing Water Stories: The River is a Snake’
Speaker 3: Lindsey McEwen on ‘Flood Archives: Sustaining a Watery Sense of Place’
10.15Hanien Conradie: The Voice of Water: Re-sounding a silenced River [ABSTRACT]Philip Kilner: Fluent in-scapes: Our living blood circulation and heart [ABSTRACT]
10.45Angela McArthur: [re]Sounding Balloon [ABSTRACT]Richard Povall: A report on The Ephemeral River [ABSTRACT]
12.00If you have been involved in John Hartley's workshop you may be hanging the exhibition during this session.
OntologyEnvironment/Climate (iii)Artist Reports
12.00Mirjami Lantto: Rivering; a creative positioning among a liquid landscape [ABSTRACT]Thena Tak: Ordinary Reveals [ABSTRACT]Nikole Bouchard: The Strainer [ABSTRACT]
12.30Simon Peres: How to Make Water Inhabitable? Towards an Ontology Beyond Flow [ABSTRACT]Carey Marks & Prof William Blake: Water in the Landscape: the challenge of soil erosion [ABSTRACT]Laura Bissell: The Sea and Self [ABSTRACT]
14.30Round table: Alice Gartland: Swim Nation! a swimmers round table [ABSTRACT]Workshop: Rebekah Bloyd In Dialogue with Water DESCRIPTIONin various locations...

Workshop: Nikole Bouchard (Session 2) Garden Room (see earlier)
Workshop: Sarah Acton Walking on water DESCRIPTION
Workshop: Iain Biggs / Luci Gorell Barnes DESCRIPTION
Workshop: Rita Palandrani El Dorado, Valley Field, water tasting DESCRIPTION

16.15Closing session