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Exploring Diverse Work Opportunities at the Duke Lemur Center Jobs

Exploring Diverse Work Opportunities at the Duke Lemur Center Jobs

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The Duke Lemur Center jobs offer a varied career path for individuals passionate about wildlife conservation. Located in Durham, North Carolina, Duke Lemur Center is a research facility dedicated to the study, care, and protection of these enigmatic mammals.

Such research facilities require well-coordinated people to work together. There are various roles to play. Each role plays an important part in reaching the organization’s mission, which is to advance science and biological conservation for this animal.

The diverse opportunities available at the Duke Lemur Center are more than just a job. There are some opportunities for volunteering and internships as well. Learn more about those opportunities and figure out which one works for you.

Employment Opportunities at Duke Lemur Center Jobs

Among the various positions you may find open at Duke Lemur Center, here are some of them:

1. Research Scientists

Research scientists are the core of this facility. They are the individuals who dedicated their lives to delving into various aspects of lemur behavior, biology, ecology, and conservation.

Research scientists work hard through various means, including experimentation, data analysis, and the publication of findings in scientific journals. The research results bring invaluable knowledge to the field, which helps drive more efforts to protect lemurs and their habitats.

2. Animal Caretakers

Animal caretakers work behind the scenes. They ensure the lemur’s well-being every day.

The responsibilities of animal caretakers may include the following:

  • Providing daily food
  • Stimulating the physical and mental faculties of the lemurs by creating a rich environment
  • Working together with the veterinary staff to care for the breeding programs

3. Conservation Biologists

Originally from Madagascar, the Lemurs who live in Duke Lemur face their challenges due to the different climates and terrain.

This is where conservation biologists play a part. They are the people who specialize in protecting animal habitats through research and observation. Based on their research, they develop strategies to maintain the population of the animals and preserve biodiversity.

Conservation biologists help to prevent a species, in this case, the lemur, from extinction. They work alongside the Duke Lemur Center teams to develop an environment suitable for lemurs to breed far from their original habitat in Madagascar.

4. Educators and Outreach Specialists

Education lies at the core of conservation, and at the Duke Lemur Center, educators and outreach specialists play an important role in spreading awareness about lemurs and conservation issues.

Educators and outreach specialists work through engaging educational programs, captivating tours, and informative presentations. The aim is to inspire students, teachers, and the public to become more aware of the environment.

The long-term goal here is to nurture a sense of empathy and understanding. In the end, it will help to build a generation that is more dedicated to protecting lemurs and their habitats.

5. Administrative Staff

The roles in this place are not limited to dealing with lemurs every day. They also require people to work on the administration aspect.

The administrative staff manages the day-to-day operations. The responsibilities are wide and vary. The administration staff works on these tasks:

  • Budgeting and fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Human resources

6. Veterinary Staff

The veterinary staff at the Duke Lemur Center are responsible for the health of the lemurs in the area. The main responsibilities of the individual in this position are:

  • Routine check-ups to make sure every lemur is healthy
  • Giving out vaccines as recommended by a senior veterinarian
  • Treatment for any injuries or illness
  • Assist in animal surgery.
  • Perform diagnostic laboratory procedures.
  • Laboratory and veterinary equipment maintenance
  • Organize and facilitate preventive health procedures, emergencies, and research projects. 

7. Field Researchers

This position works closely with the research assistant at the Duke Lemur Center. As the name suggests, this position offers more fieldwork, making it perfect for anyone who loves adventures.

The main responsibilities involved working on collecting various data about lemur behavior, their habitat, and ecology to understand more about the lemur’s ecosystem. This position may require the person to visit Madagascar and do research on lemur’s original habitats.

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities at The Duke Lemur Center

Alongside work opportunities in the Duke Lemur Center, you also have opportunities to join the internship and volunteer programs.

1. Internship 

Duke Lemur Center internship jobs are the opportunities given to students during the summer, spring, and fall seasons. It gives you a chance to have real-life experience working with lemurs.

In internship jobs, you could explore your interest in various fields. You can learn more about paleontology, field research, communication, animal welfare, animal husbandry, and conservation.

The Duke Lemur Center internship jobs are open to undergraduate students only. The internship lasts for around 10 weeks or more, depending on the field in which you are working.

2. Volunteer

You could also join the volunteer program that suits your interests the best. Duke Lemur Center has various volunteer opportunities to try, including education docent, technician assistant, garden volunteer, museum of national history volunteer, and group volunteer.

Each volunteer has specific requirements based on the skills they must have, the jobs they need to do, and the time they must spend. You can choose the one that works perfectly for you. You could apply for more than one volunteer task, as long as you are up to it.

Internships and volunteer opportunities at the Duke Lemur Center provide invaluable hands-on experience. You could be assisting with lemur care, conducting research, or engaging in educational outreach.

No matter what, you would gain practical skills and knowledge that lay the foundation for a career in lemur conservation. By joining the volunteer and internship programs, you also help to inspire a new generation of passionate advocates for wildlife preservation.


Duke Lemur Center offers such wide and diverse opportunities to work there, either as an employee, a volunteer, or by joining its internship program. No matter what role you play, each plays an integral part in advancing lemur conservation. The main thing is to find the one that suits you the most. If you are interested in working there, get a proper education to support your career. Check often for Duke Lemur Center jobs information and apply for the job you dream of.

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