june 2018

21jun10:4511:15Inyoung Yoo10:45 - 11:15 E: Ship Studio

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Science Walden is a scientific and artistic community (as an engagement laboratory) designed to connect scientific technologies to human cognition and perception, with behaviors and memories. Many projects for this purpose are being conducted in Science Walden. First one is the Feces Standard Money (FSM) project. When you use the Bee-Vi (like a Bee, with a Vision) toilets, you will receive the Feces Standard Money (FSM), because the feces are used to produce various energies such as methane and biodiesel, and the remained sludge is used as fertilizer. Instead of putting feces to the sewer, you can use them as energy and therefore, money. The Bee-vi toilets are designed by Science Walden team and spend 1/10 of water of average toilets, even 1/4 of that of water saving toilets

Another project is going to be run at Science Cabin which will be open in the coming June. Science Cabin is a science and art convergence research centre of Science Walden. The Cabin has two stories above ground for living area and art residency, one underground for bioenergy centre. It’s open to the public and they will take part in the “spontaneity” experiment. While you stay at the Cabin, you should choose to use one of the three kinds of electricity: biomass energy, other renewable energy (solar and wind, etc.), or fossil fuel energy. Would you use the renewable energy even though it’s more expensive than fossil fuel energy? The overpaid portion of electricity means the spontaneity of the public on the alternative energy and it is subject to be invested for development of technologies of renewable energies and corresponding policies.

The Science Cabin at Science Walden

Art is a huge part of Science Walden. We have many artists in Science Walden and have started a graduate programme named Convergence of Science and Arts (CSA), with 3 master students and 1 PhD student this semester. We will have an exhibition on our campus in May and there will be collaboration works between environmental engineering major and CSA students and artists. The artworks are sharing the values and ideas of Science Walden. The collaboration is reciprocal and the range of works is wide; from the abstract drawing of water to crayons made by human feces to the design of Bee-Vi toilets, and so on.

Science Walden is an academic partner in Liquidscapes.

Ku Jieun



Inyoung Yoo is a researcher in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology. She is a member of the Science Walden research group and the manager of Science Cabin which is a science and art convergence research centre of Science Walden. She got her MA in Economics from Korea University, and her main interests in Science Walden are Feces Standard Money and collaboration in interdisciplinary projects.


(Thursday) 10:45 - 11:15


E: Ship Studio

Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EL