june 2018

21jun10:1510:45Karla Brunet: Liquid Ecoarte10:15 - 10:45 E: Ship Studio

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This presentation shows the artwork produced by Ecoarte, a research and art group from Brazil. Since 2010wehavebeencreatingprojectsinthe intersection of art, technology, and nature. Digital narratives, coding, citizen science, interactive video installation, video art, data visualization and audiovisual performance are the media used to produce artworks resulting from different immersive trips into nature, wild and urbanized nature.

In 2010, we developed “Digital Narratives” Project (www.narrativas.ecoarte.info), methods and technologies for the collaborative construction of digital audiovisual narratives of coastal communities, a parallel of a small fishing community in Brazil (Garapuá, Bahia) and another in Spain (Aguiño, Galicia).

“Geographies of the Seas” (www.geomar.ecoarte.info) was a series of interactive video, data visualization and video installation on the islands and bay of All Saints. Working on a conceptual map of the sea, its imagery, its symbolism and its impact on the lives of city residents we have created “Ma:res” (www.mares.ecoarte.info), an artistic mapping of the sea surrounding us.

On “Sensorium: from the sea to the river” (www.sensorium.ecoarte.info) we used the DIY methodology and free hardware/software in order to create a device with sensors to enhance our perception of the environment. Videos, photographs and audio recordings were also part of this immersion in nature.

The project “Sailing: Art and Experience of the sea” (www.velejar.ecoarte.info) was an art residency on a sailing boat. Our main goal was to sense the sea – to feel it, to observe it, to recognize it, to be aware of it, to comprehend it, to appreciate it, and to realize it.


Karla Brunet is an artist and researcher, has a Ph.D. in Audiovisual Communication and a master degree in Fine Arts. She has participated in art exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. In 2007, she got a grant for a post-doctoral research in UFBA. Karla was the coordinator of Labdebug, a medialab aimed at women and technology, and also the curator of FACMIL/LabMAM at the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia. In 2014, she got a year research grant at UDK, Berlin. Karla is a professor at IHAC/UFBA and coordinates Ecoarte, a research and art group focusing on art, nature, and technology.


(Thursday) 10:15 - 10:45


E: Ship Studio

Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EL