june 2018

22jun14:3016:00Workshop: Iain Biggs and Luci Gorell Barns14:30 - 16:00 F: Other location requires booking: YES

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Slow Flow: a layered mapping workshop


Participants are invited to draw a map locating significant places from their childhoods. They will pay particular attention to the water in these landscapes, and find ways of representing their relationship/s with it on their map. They will use sheets of tracing paper to add layers showing important moments, understandings and changes they have experienced. As their maps develop, early layers may start to be obscured and they will be prompted to focus on what needs to be brought forward and what can be allowed to recede. Participants will take time to share their thoughts with one another to deepen their reflections about the connections between their identity, landscape and water.

We will provide simple good quality materials, are happy to work inside or out and will need flat drawing surfaces (tables, paths). Luci is experienced in working with a wide range of people and will support and extend the interests and concerns of all participants. Iain will provide an imaginative introduction linking flow, place and self and readings during the workshop that link the theme to the practices.


Luci Gorell Barnes


I grew up in the East Kent countryside – number 4 out of 6 sisters – we cooked stinging nettle soup over smoky fires and broke bones doing barebacked riding stunts. My professional life began in the world of physical theatre but migrated over time into the realm of visual arts. My work revolves around themes of childhood, sense of place and belonging and I write, paint, draw, and make books, maps and animated films to explore these themes. I work with people who find themselves on the margins for one reason or another, and develop processes that allow participants to think imaginatively with themselves and each other – most recently around 2 urban rivers in the AHRC project Hydrocitizenship. This work often involves narrative mappings. Issues of social inclusion and access are integral to my work, and my practice contributes to a community of disciplines that embraces family support, health services, education and academic research.

Dr. Iain Biggs RWA

I work as an independent educator, maker, writer, researcher, ‘deep mapper’, and am an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Dundee. I have recently contributed to an inter-related presentation, artists’ book and installation: ‘In Praise of Wetlands’ (as a member of the Midstream Collective), at the ASLE UKI conference: CROSS MULTI INTER TRANS. I also co-delivered the performed presentation: ‘The Crow Road’ with the poet Erin Kavanagh. My recent publications include: ‘Re-Visioning “North” as an ecosophical context for creative practices’ in Relate North: Culture, Community, and Communication (2017), and ’Incorrigibly plural’? Rural Lifeworlds Between Concept and Experience’ in the Canadian Journal of Irish Studies (2014).


I live in Bristol



(Friday) 14:30 - 16:00


F: Other location

Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EN

requires booking