Film programme

Film programme

The film programme runs all day on Thursday and Friday, in Studio 5  . The full programme with approximate running times will be posted on the door of the screening room.

Lucy Williams  Lap: Dissolve (10’00)

Joanna Croft  Swimming and Dreaming Between River and Sea (08’00)

Meghan Beitiks  Wave Management (2015) (03’00)

Mark Pilkington  Lama Load 

Lara Goodband  Sea Swim (20’00)

RosaCristina  Wave (18’00)

Anna Best  Plasticwaterstone(draft)


Vicky Vergou / Ann Rapstoff  Continuum (05’00)

Liz McGowan  Sea Heart (01’44)

Ruth Le Gear  Water Senses (TBC)

Beatrice Jarvis  In this sacred search: Lough Foyle as cormorant and barnacle    le deasghnátha / DON CHUARDACH NAOFA SEO (08’00)

Amy Sharrocks  SWIM (25’00)

Jess Allen  Dropped in the Ocean (10’10)

Carol Laidler  Tide Turns (11’03)

John Wedgwood Clarke  Voices Over Water – AUDIO ONLY (11’40)

John Wedgwood Clarke  Above 8 – AUDIO ONLY (19’04)

Maria Andreou  Shesells (not known)

Inner Nature International Exhibition/Conference:  Official Curated Selection

Ronnie Karfiol  A Virtual Guided Tour in the Aegean Sea (05’35)

Johanna Reich  River in Flood (04’48)

Roosje Verschoor. The Weather Forecast (05’00)

Juanma Valentín Y Lucia Loren. Menú nuclear (04’58) 

Nobina Gupta  Disappearing Streams (03’44)

Pat Van Boeckel  The story of water (05’20)

Anna Day  Sea Change (03’38)

Despina Economopoulou  Lifetide, Sooner or Later (04’54) 

Antonia Bañados “New lands” (05’00)

Kim Jin Kook  Water makes life possible on Earth (02’11)

Clare Charnley & Patricia Azevedo  Equilibrar – to balance (01’27) 

Hugh Livingston  River text (03’29) 


Showing separately

Michelle Atherton  ARP (a separate installation available during times posted)