Additional information for Presenters



In whichever space you are presenting there will be a laptop (or other computer), projector and screen with stereo audio available. We can support the latest version PowerPoint and Keynote, as well as simpler formats such as audio and video files.

If you have video files included in your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation please make sure they are ’embedded’ otherwise you may find that your video won’t play.

Please arrive fifteen minutes early for your session. Someone will be there (look out for the yellow badges / ribbons) to help you load your presentation on to the computer and ensure it is working to your satisfaction. If you don’t come early, we can’t do this!

If you’re doing something out of the ordinary we should already know about it and have spoken to you about the detail. If we haven’t and you have any concerns at all about things technical, please get in touch right away.


Distance between spaces

In order for you to allow time to arrive on time at your space, this is a guide to the walking distance between the various spaces.

Studio 1, Studio 3, Studio 5 and the Garden Room are all in the same building and are less than two minutes apart from one another.

The Ship Studio is in a different part of the estate, and you should allow 5-10 minutes walking time when coming from the other studios.

Pretty much everything else is also within a maximum of 10 minutes walking time. If however you have difficulty walking up steep hills, you might allow a little additional time.


Have you booked your workshop(s)?

Quite a lot of people have yet to book their workshop spaces, although some are now becoming close to full. If you want to ensure the workshop(s) of your choice, please book now.

There are also a number of other special events that require booking. Each of these has limited availability.


Have you secured accommodation?

If you haven’t as yet secured accommodation we recommend you do so right away. Information can be found here.



We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks’ time

Liquidscapes Team