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Assistant Supervisor Women's Shelter

High School 1 Month

This job vacancy requires that you have obtained High School as a minimum qualification. The job opportunity for the Assistant Supervisor Women's Shelter role was posted on December 21, 2023, and it will no longer be open after March 18, 2024. Have you thought about whether full time work aligns with your personal and professional development goals? Not knowing the salary, you may negotiate it with the employer during the job offer. A minimum of 1 months of experience working in the same field is a prerequisite for this job.

SCHEDULE: 40 hours, Wednesday - Saturday, This position is essential in the event of weather or other emergencies.

Pays $25.12 per hour

This position carries a retention bonus of $1500.00, payable in equal instalments of $500 at 1 month, $500 at 6 months, and $500 at 12 months.

This bonus is only available to new, external hires to Pine Street Inn, including temporary staff who are thereafter converted to permanent employment status. This bonus is not available to Pine Street Inn staff or paid interns or paid co-op students who are seeking a transfer to this role. This bonus is only payable for work actually performed in this role. Employees who leave their position before they have worked all the time required for each bonus installment will not be eligible to collect further payment for their prior position, even if they stay at Pine Street Inn in another position.

LOCATION: 363 Albany Street, Boston, MA. This position works 100% onsite.



The Assistant Supervisor will help manage the operations of the overnight shift on a nightly basis, including scheduling, rotations of a 14 person team. They will support crisis management, ensure security screening, and provide food service, clothing, toiletries, medical care and referrals in a way that is equitable to a diverse population. This position is also responsible for ensuring that data collection and bed assignments are done properly. The Assistant Supervisor will oversee the creation of the nightly shift reports and incident reports making sure they are communicated effectively.

The Assistant Supervisor will be part of the evening shift rotation and will oversee all aspects of the Women’s Inn shift in the absence of the Supervisor or as assigned by the Supervisor. This includes supporting/training the staff to provide superior customer service by using a service model that emphasizes use of Trauma Informed Care, and Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training principles (Non-Violent Crisis Intervention). The Assistant Supervisor will ensure that services are provided in the spirit of the Inn’s traditional hallmarks of dignity and respect for all our guests.

The incumbent will assess guests’ needs and assets in order to make appropriate referral decisions as well as referrals for case management and housing services. The Assistant Supervisor will work closely with Case Managers and other PSI staff to coordinate care and services and will be an available resource for guests to assist them in their efforts to obtain permanent housing.





  • High school diploma or GED
  • Computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook


Before applying for any job online, you should be aware of some key points to ensure that the job is legitimate. Be wary of job postings that don't provide much information about the company or the position. To avoid working for a company with a history of workplace harassment or discrimination, research its diversity and inclusion policies before applying for any job. Contact the company via phone or email to ensure that the job is genuine and that they are hiring. If a potential employer asks you to sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement before an interview, review it carefully and ask questions if necessary. A legitimate employer will never ask you to use your personal bank account for business purposes. Legitimate employers will usually arrange for an in-person or phone interview rather than just email or text correspondence. Keep an eye out for job postings that use pressure tactics or manipulation to get you to apply quickly or provide personal information, as these are often signs of a fraudulent job posting. If you are asked to pay for a job, it is likely a scam and you should not pursue it.

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Bilingual, with a preference for English/Spanish
  • Experience with HMIS systems and data entry



  • Demonstrated leadership and organizational skills including a minimum of two (2) years in a leadership/supervisory position in a human service setting
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully lead in a human service setting with a strong concentration in working with individuals with multiple challenges including substance abuse and untreated mental illness
  • Direct care experience with people who are homeless or experiencing poverty
  • Demonstrated ability to resolve conflict and work well during a crisis


  • Four (4) years of prior supervisory experience



  • Ability to use a computer, calculator, fax, copier machine and other office equipment
  • Ability to access different building locations, and different program sites
  • Requires stooping, bending, stretching and may include lifting of guests at times
  • Requires quick response in emergency situations



  • High degree of organizational skill
  • Excellent oral/written communication skills and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to talk (and listen) in a non-judgmental way
  • Ability to perform an array of difficult tasks at the same time
  • Ability to train, support, evaluate and supervise staff
  • Ability to communicate with staff including setting clear expectations
  • Ability to work as a member of a team and think creatively
  • Ability to work with a diverse population and in a stressful environment
  • Ability to respond safely, quickly, and calmly in emergency situations
  • Willingness to continue to learn and improve in all areas of professional performance development
  • Ability to model performance and learned skills from PSI training in everyday work: CPI, Trauma Informed Care, First Aid, Code of Conduct, Harassment Policy, etc.


  • Provide team leadership and foster a positive work environment through team building, team meetings and staff development
  • Assist Supervisor with conducting regular staff meetings
  • Provide regular check-in meetings to relief and part-time staff, to ensure all staff have regular supervisory contact and support
  • Identify and escalate issues where staff require additional training, coaching, or corrective action for consultation with Women’s Inn leadership
  • Coach staff regarding compliance PSI policies and procedures, and model appropriate workplace behaviors
  • Refer staff to appropriate PSI resources for finance, payroll, human resources, or other needs
  • Supervise shift staff in the absence of the Supervisor, assigning work and addressing staff concerns or needs as they arise
  • Assist or ensure transportation of guests to alternative shelter and/or medical care as needed
  • Ensure that Women’s Inn services are consistent in meeting the needs of our guests. As necessary, assist guests in understanding the Women’s Inn services and procedures, guest rights and grievance procedures
  • Oversee day-to-day operations of program and participants in the absence of the Supervisor or as assigned; monitor participants, program and perimeter for safety concerns. Ensure guest participation in program development and changes through community meetings and other forums
  • Ensure superior customer service is provided to guests and new intakes to the Women’s Inn, explaining all program specific procedures and policies in referring guests to other appropriate programs within and outside of PSI – if necessary, ensure full completion of Women’s Inn intake and timely data entry
  • Assess guest needs and make appropriate referrals for services. Provide appropriate documentation for each guest and each stay
  • Assist guests in understanding how services are provided; explaining procedures; answering their questions; explaining their rights and grievance procedure
  • Coordinate with the Volunteer Department providing support activities to Women’s Inn guests
  • Keep timely and accurate records and documentation regarding clients and all necessary statistics including entry of all necessary data into PSI HMIS
  • Develop and maintain close working relationship with other staff, departments, programs and services to ensure cohesive delivery of services
  • Assist in developing procedures that ensure a safe environment for our guests. Monitor the building and neighborhood for safety/security. Document incidents and make appropriate changes in unsafe situations
  • Build a good working relationship with the neighbors and address neighborhood issues in a timely manner
  • Maintain the Daily Log Book, Taxi Voucher book, and Vehicle Log Books
  • Advise staff appointed as Key Carrier regarding matters of policy and procedure
  • Develop and maintain close working relationship with other Women’s Inn and Facilities Supervisors to foster cohesive delivery of services
  • Advise the Supervisor and Women’s Inn Director on matters concerning participants and violations of policy
  • Advise Supervisor of schedule, off site appointments and meetings
  • Model and enforce PSI’s illness prevention and occupational health policies
  • As assigned, carry out additional duties in the event of an emergency
  • As assigned, act as liaison to on-site volunteer groups and visitors
  • Participate actively in Inn wide task groups, forums and planning committees as needed
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by the Supervisor


Performs other related duties as assigned by the Shelter Supervisor, Shelter Director, Vice President of Emergency Services, Chief Program Officer or President and Executive Director


Pine Street Inn is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

The job posting is a valuable resource to help you decide if this job is worth pursuing. We want all applicants to have a clear understanding of the job expectations and responsibilities before applying. Take your time in evaluating the job posting before submitting your application. We welcome applications from individuals who are certain that they can fulfill the responsibilities and expectations of this job. Similarly, there are other job vacancies on that might be a better match for your interests and skills.