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Restaurant Team Member

1 Year

A minimum of 12 months of experience working in the same field is required for this job opportunity. The job you applied for comes with a salary of USD 10 - 20 for the successful candidate. The job opportunity named Restaurant Team Member was advertised on December 24, 2023, and it will be inaccessible after March 23, 2024. Are you interested in full time work, but not sure if it's the right fit for you? Take some time to weigh your options. The employer is open to considering candidates who live outside of America, as long as they are willing to relocate for the position if offered the job.

Opportunity for a well-qualified fast-casual restaurant worker. The position is with a new franchise with competitive hourly pay (roughly $18) plus profit participation. Fast-casual training with a corporate store, regional, and/or national franchise is a strong plus. In addition to the experience and skills brought on from past jobs, employees will be trained to work in the areas of assembly and POS systems. A can-do attitude and strong work ethic are a must. We at Wrapstar are committed to providing not only thebest for our customers but our employees as well, and as such, we strive to not only help people make a living but also enjoy doing it. The team here at WrapStar is supportive, kind, dedicated, and hardworking and it is an excellent environment for our employees to grow with our company.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: $17.00 - $18.00 per hour


  • Employee discount
  • Flexible schedule
  • Food provided
  • Paid time off

Restaurant type:

To ensure that you find legitimate job postings and avoid scams, there are several things you need to keep in mind when applying for jobs online. Trust your gut when evaluating job postings and don't be afraid to walk away from a posting that doesn't feel right. If a potential employer wants to conduct an interview over text or email, it's best to proceed with caution and verify their legitimacy. Do not share your personal bank account information with potential employers without doing your research first. Connect with the company to verify that the job is legitimate and that they are looking to fill the position. A reputable employer will not ask you to pay for job-related expenses before you are hired. Stay safe from identity theft by being cautious with personal information when applying for jobs. Make sure to research the company before accepting any job offer to ensure that it's a legitimate and reputable organization. Always be wary of job postings that ask you to complete tasks or projects that are unrelated to the job description or qualifications, as these could be signs of a fraudulent job posting.

  • Fast casual restaurant


  • 8 hour shift

Weekly day range:

  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekends as needed


  • Restaurant: 1 year (Required)

Shift availability:

  • Day Shift (Required)

Work Location: In person

To ensure you're a good fit for the job, review the posting carefully and evaluate your skills and experience. We welcome applications from individuals who have carefully reviewed this job posting and feel that they can meet the expectations. Please carefully review your qualifications and experience before submitting an application for this job. Accuracy and attention to detail can help you stand out from the competition in the hiring process. Nonetheless, if this job vacancy isn't quite right, has many other job vacancies to consider.