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Stockroom Coordinator - LOFT - Crabtree

High School

It is mandatory to have obtained High School to apply for this job vacancy. The Stockroom Coordinator - LOFT - Crabtree job vacancy was initiated on December 9, 2023, and it will end on February 25, 2024. The employer is open to considering candidates who live outside of America, as long as they are willing to relocate for the position if offered the job. If you're looking for flexible work options, full time work might be a good fit for you. The employer not disclosing the salary provides an opportunity to discuss compensation.

Position Overview:
Drives store revenue through proper shipment processing and merchandise control. Assists Leadership Team in organizing and maintaining the stock room, including back stock of merchandise, shipment and supplies. Supports store team in providing exceptional client service by helping where needed and keeping the selling floor, stock room, and desk replenished, organized, neat and clean.

Primary Responsibilities / Accountabilities:
Embraces our values & sets an example through his/her behaviors
Responsible for compliance with all ANN INC. practices and procedures
Additional responsibilities as assigned by the Store Manager, Co-Manager, and Sales Leads

Revenue Generation:
Ensure new product is on the floor and available to clients within 24 hours of receipt
Processes merchandise into and out of stock room without error
Protects company assets by following all Loss Prevention standards in the processing of shipment, transfer of product and maintenance of the back room organization
Completes prices changes within Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) time frame

Client Experience:
Provides excellent client service by anticipating the client’s needs, exceeding expectations, and adhering to the ANN INC. service standards
Portrays a gracious, friendly, energetic and engaging manner and is at all times respectful and professional
Takes ownership, solicits and incorporates feedback for professional growth and development – Consistently receives positive, unsolicited client feedback
Communicates effectively with store management, store team and external clients in person, and over the phone
Embraces our values and behaviors and inspires team by leading by example through his/her words and actions – Supports and environment of learning and trust by acting as a positive role model
Is responsible for Compliance with all Company policies, practices and procedures and all federal, state, and local laws

Meets Company/Divisional merchandise processing expectations through time management, organization and adherence to ANN INC. Standard Operating Procedures
Maintains a clean, safe store environment and back room organization by processing receipts and transfers efficiently, organizing merchandise by product category, and executing trnasfers, markdowns, Mark out of Stock (MOS), Distributed Order Maintenance (DOM), and Style Finder orders
Completes opening/closing procedures and tasks as directed by Leadership Team with a client focus (e.g. replenishing merchandise; recovering the store and styling rooms; processing shipment including but not limited to: unpacking, hanging, steaming, cleaning including but not limited to: dusting, vacuuming, and removing trash; executing merchandising moves; marketing updates; and completing pricing changes.)
Articulates and understands the difference between old and new receipts, organizes and processes them accordingly
Executes transfers and processes end of season merchandise transfers, Mark Out Of Stock (MOS), Damages, repairs, Distributed Order Maintenance (DOM’s) and StyleFinder orders accurately and in a timely manner
Adheres to Loss Prevention practices and is aware of and reports potentialincidents, to ensure shortage control and to protect company assets
Participates and assists in the preparation of the stores’ inventory
Identifies and communicates supply needs to management
Reports to work as scheduled; records time worked accurately by using ANN INC.’s Time and Attendance system; remains flexible to the needs of the business

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Follows all ANN INC. operational guidelines, processes, and procedures
Reviews Bulletin Boards daily

Technical Expertise:
Demonstrates a desire and ability to be learner responsible and navigates the ANN INC. computer learning systems
Is proficient in using Distributed Order Maintenance (SOME’s) and StyleFinder to locate product for clients and processes transactions accurately
Operates and understands he functions of the PDT
Navigates through all functions on the ISP system related to merchandise management
Operates phone, answering calls with an appropriate greeting, transferring and placing calls on hold
Performs register transactions efficiently (e.g., sales, sends, returns, exchanges, payments)

Product/Brand Management:
Understands and can clearly articulate the Company’s brand positioning, including: the uniqueness of all expressions of ANN INC., current marketing and promotional initiatives, markdowns, POS events, Bounce Back promotes, coupon events, lifestyle concepts to internal and external clients]
Embraces fashion, understands current market trends and is able to articulate them using ANN INC. interpretations in every client interaction. Represents the brand by adhering to ANN INC.’s dress code guidelines
Lives the Purpose, Values, & Behaviors, Practices in all interactions
Participates in and attends Store Meetings
Proactively uses associate education and product knowledge tools to initiate learning about fabric, fit and styling
Packages and wraps client purchases according to ANN INC. standards

Position Requirements:
Client Service: Ability to function as a role model, ensuring that the client remains the top priority. Takes initiative to improve the store’s organization
Follow Directions: Ability to prioritizes and meet deadlines as assigned with minimal supervision and within designated timeframes
Merchandising: Knowledge of visual standards and techniques, and ability to implement and maintain within ANN INC. guidelines
Communication: Demonstration of verbal communication skills to Store Manager, Co-Manager Sales Leads, store associates and clients
Organization: Ability to maintain the organization fo the stockroom to include back stock of merchandise, supplies and shipping materials according to Standard Operating Procedures
Accuracy: Ability to handle cash and provide change without error
Ability to work a flexible schedule to meet the needs of the business, including evening and weekend shifts. May include hours before and after store / center business hours
Physical: Ability to lift and carry up to 20 pounds, able to climb ladders, and maneuver effectively around sales floor and stock room

Educational Requirements and Experience:
Minimum Requirements: High School Diploma or GED
Minimum one year stock associate or relevant experience in the service industry with proven results

Don't rush your decision to apply for the job - take the time to read the posting carefully and evaluate your fit. If you have any reservations or doubts about this job posting, please take the time to evaluate them before submitting an application. Submitting an accurate and complete job application is a sign of your commitment to excellence and attention to detail. We are excited to receive applications from individuals who are committed to fulfilling the responsibilities and expectations of this job. However, you might want to check out other job vacancies on before making a final decision.