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Team Member

JJC Foods (Taco Bell)
16 Year

To apply for this job, you need to have at least 192 months of work experience in the same field. This position is based in America, but the employer is open to considering candidates from other areas if they meet the necessary qualifications. JJC Foods (Taco Bell), the recruiter for this job vacancy, strictly enforces the expiration date for applications, so make sure to submit yours before the deadline. The job opportunity for the Team Member position was listed on April 1, 2024 and will be closed on April 29, 2024. Not knowing the salary, you can negotiate based on the company's approach to employee professional development and training. The designated work location for this position is 1098 Valley Blvd., Tehachapi, CA, Tehachapi, CA.

Company: JJC Foods
Location: 1098 Valley Blvd., Tehachapi, CA
Job Category: Team Member

Pay Range $20.00 - $21.00. Depending upon location and experience.You are applying for a position with a franchisee or licensee of Taco Bell, not Taco Bell Corp. or any of its affiliates. Franchisees and licensees are independent business organizations, who will be your only employer if hired, and who are responsible for their own employment practices, including setting their own wage and benefit programs.JJC Foods is a well-established Taco Bell franchisee that is looking for highly motivated individuals that want to work for an organization that encourages personal growth and advancement/promotion from within. The organization does offer highly competitive bonus and benefit programs that vary based upon employee position. There are two types of Team Member Positions, Food Champion (food prep and service) and Service Champion (cashier).Hourly Pay Rates Depend on ExperienceRequirements:
Is at least 16 years of age.

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Available and reliable to cover shifts when required.
Should be able to communicate effectively and be understood (Cashier's need to be able to speak, read & write).
Strong customer service oriented driven attitude.
Has capacity to perform and multitask not limited to prepping, making & serving food duties.
Has a positive approach when dealing with supervisors, peers and customers.The Taco Bell Team Member is the first face that customers see when they walk through the door or first voice they hear when they place a drive-thru order so YOU will set the tone for the Taco Bell customer experience and bring the great Taco Bell tastes to life. This is a very important job for a friendly, helpful individual who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and paying attention to detail. Key responsibilities include taking orders or preparing food, assisting in resolving any service or food issues, maintaining food-safety standards and maintaining a clean, safe work and dining environment. A successful candidate will have a clean and tidy appearance, good work habits and a positive attitude. If you want to build a great career while providing fast, fun and friendly service to our customers, Taco Bell is the place to learn, grow and succeed!

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