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Earn up to $400,000 as a Pluckers Area Manager!

1 Year 4 Month

This job mandates that you have work experience in the same field for at least 16 months. If you're looking for a job that allows you to have more control over your income, full time work might be a good option. The employer's non-disclosure of salary means that you can negotiate your salary based on the company's budget and financial situation. The employer is open to considering candidates who live outside of Austin, as long as they are willing to relocate for the position if offered the job. The job listing, titled Earn up to $400,000 as a Pluckers Area Manager!, was posted on December 28, 2023 and will expire on March 27, 2024.

Tired of reading these employment ads and wondering where the RIGHT opportunity is for you? Here are the simple reasons you WANT to work at Pluckers.

We are looking for individuals to become Area Managers as we are aggressively expanding across Texas. These individuals will be hired into the management training program and will be groomed for the Area Manager role. This position will require a minimum 16 months of training and work in our restaurants as a single-unit manager.

We have among the best pay and benefits in the restaurant business:

  • Our experienced Area Managers have the opportunity to earn up to $400,000 when they are capable of overseeing five restaurants.
  • Before you can be eligible to become an Area Manager, you will complete our 16-week manager training program.
  • You will then need to work a minimum of one year as a General Manager to provide you with the experience needed to become an Area Manager.
  • During your time as a General Manager, you will be excited to know that 80% of our General Managers will earn over $125,000 in 2023 and our best GM's will earn over $150,000.
  • General Managers earn a base salary of $70,000-$80,000.
  • General Managers earn a short-term monthly bonus as well as an annual long-term bonus. This bonus is based on store sales and profits that provide the opportunity to earn another $30,000-$100,000 per year.
  • Our health insurance is among the best in the industry, and we cover 100% of health, dental and vision for all of our managers.
  • Up to 20 paid vacation/personal days off every year.
  • Free meals at Pluckers.
  • A real opportunity for advancement that is only limited by you.

Pluckers is based in Austin and has been named theBest Restaurant to Work for three times and has finished in the Top 25 Businesses Overall to Work for by the Austin Business Journal.

There will be no better restaurant management opportunity than at Pluckers. We are opening 20 new restaurants across Texas over the next four years. That means we need 5 new Area Managers, 20 new Restaurant General Managers and 120 new Assistant Managers.

Before submitting any job application online, it's essential to keep in mind some key factors to ensure that you find legitimate job postings. Always make sure you're browsing the authentic website to ensure your security. Make sure that the job is not a scam and that the company is hiring by contacting them directly. Watch out for job postings that require you to complete personality tests or quizzes without proper explanation or relevance, as these are often signs of a fraudulent opportunity. Beware of job postings that require payment for anything upfront. Use caution when considering job postings that seem too good to be true or promise unrealistic rewards. Remember that legitimate employers will not ask you to provide sensitive financial information during the application process. It's important to be careful of job offers that only offer text message or email interviews. Protect yourself from scams by being cautious with personal information. To ensure a safe and successful job search, always research the company to ensure that it's a genuine and reputable organization.

At Pluckers we call our management team "coaches" and they aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and step up when necessary. Pluckers coaches come in early or stay late if that's what the job requires. They work to better those around them and help their employees be the best they can be… that's a coach, and that's what we're looking for.

We pride ourselves on our coach training program and if you have the work ethic and aptitude to be successful, we will make sure you have an amazing career with us. If you only have experience as a kitchen manager, floor manager or server that's not a problem. Our Assistant Manager role is the perfect stepping-stone for you to learn the Pluckers' way and become successful in the restaurant industry. At Pluckers, all you have to do is want it!

If you live outside any of the major metropolitan areas that Pluckers is currently located in and want to join our management team, you can receive up to a $6,000 relocation bonus. Pluckers is currently located in Central Texas (Austin, San Antonio), Dallas-Fort Worth, and Houston.

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Here's what you'll need:

  • A minimum of three years, full-service restaurant management experience as a General Manager or Area Manager.
  • A professional attitude and appearance.
  • A can-do, team-oriented attitude.
  • The ability to meet Pluckers' high standards of guest service.

Your decision to apply for the job should be based on your understanding of the job posting and your own career goals. It is important to us that all applicants have a clear understanding of the job requirements and responsibilities before applying. Don't submit your application until you're confident it accurately represents your skills and experience. We encourage individuals who have carefully evaluated this job posting and feel that they can meet the expectations to apply for this job.