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Living Collections Relief Caretaker

High School

Not knowing the salary, you can negotiate based on the company's commitment to employee wellness and mental health. It is a necessary qualification for this job vacancy that you have passed High School as a minimum requirement. ZooMontana is hiring internship employees. Although the job is based in Billings, the company may be willing to accept applications from candidates residing in other parts of the country. May 11, 2024 is when the job opening for the Living Collections Relief Caretaker position was released, and it will end on June 8, 2024. The address where the work will be performed is Billings , MT , Billings , MT.


ZooMontana is an AZA accredited zoological/botanical garden, accredited arboretum and educational facility dedicated to the conservation of wildlife throughout Montana and the 45th parallel of earth. ZooMontana cares for over 100 animals of 56 different species, including Amur Tigers, Grizzly Bear, Wolverine, River Otters, Takin, and Canada Lynx among others, most of which are rescues.

Living Collections Relief Caretaker

At ZooMontana, Relief Caretakers carryout all aspects of the daily care of assigned animals including cleaning, feeding, grooming, and observing animals. Relief Level 1 Caretakers provide support for the Zoo Barn, Wetlands and Education/Outreach animals.  This role also administers medication and treatment as directed, provides training and enrichment, and participates in education and conservation programs.

Essential Functions:

  • Observes and evaluates animal condition, behavior and responses and communicates observations orally and on written reports.
  • Prepares and feeds appropriate diets, noting conformance of foods provided to diets prescribed for each animal.
  • Administers prescribed medications and dietary supplements and monitors food and medicine consumption.
  • Checks on integrity of enclosures and structures, ensuring safety and welfare of animals, zoo visitors, and staff in accordance with established guidelines.
  • Maintains live plants within enclosures ensuring neat, attractive exhibits.
  • Performs minor repairs and preventative maintenance as necessary.
  • Maintains clean and organized exhibits, equipment, and keeper areas.
  • Improves the quality of life of the animal collection by providing environmental and behavioral enrichment opportunities.
  • Trains selected animals through operant conditioning for purposes of gaining cooperation for veterinary treatment and/or public demonstrations.
  • Installs exhibit furnishings, props, and decorations safely, attractively and in a manner consistent with zoo guidelines.
  • Must be able to work weekends, evenings, and holidays as scheduled.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Experience Required

Experience: Five years of experience within animal care is preferred, with emphasis placed on those that have worked within other AZA institutions. Previous experience working with farm/ranch animals, small mammals and aquarium systems preferred. Strong public speaking skills and ability to improvise are very important. Strong team player skills, the ability to work independently and a strong initiative are musts. Skills: Knowledge in operant conditioning, implementation of animal training and enrichment programs is preferential. The successful candidate for this position is motivated, energetic and a team oriented individual with good problem solving, written and oral communication, organizational and interpersonal skills. In addition, this job requires the ability to work independently, and as a team member with a willingness to learn. Requirements: • Must be able to work on weekends, holidays, and flexible hours as well as various evening hours. • Maintain clean driving record for safe operation of nature center vehicles and possess and maintain a state of Montana driver’s license. • Must have excellent interpretation skills, be comfortable with public speaking and be able to improvise when needed. • Must be able to work with animals, adults and children of various backgrounds. • Must possess a high school diploma. A bachelor’s degree in a life science or education is preferred. • Must be able stand for extended periods of time • Must be able to withstand typical Montana climate

Further Comments

At ZooMontana, an inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible space is one where all, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, social class, ability, beliefs, and life experiences feel valued and respected. We are committed to a nondiscriminatory approach and provide equal opportunity for employment and advancement in all our departments, programs, and spaces. We respect diverse life experiences, natural histories, and backgrounds and will ensure that all life is valued.


Montana is your backyard!



How to Apply

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to the address below, or email to Travis Goebel, Curator, at Please direct all questions to the same address.  Or mail materials to:


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Attn:Travis Goebel

2100 S. Shiloh Rd.

Billings, MT 59106.

2100 S. Shiloh Rd.
Billings, MT 59106
Phone: 406-652-8100


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