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Neighborhood and Housing Specialist

High School 11 Year

To apply for this job, you must have at least 132 months of experience in the same field. The Neighborhood and Housing Specialist job opening has been available since December 7, 2023 and will expire on February 25, 2024. The employer's non-disclosure of salary means that you have the chance to negotiate other benefits instead of salary. If you're interested in pursuing a job that allows you to work on your own terms, full time work might be a good option. This job vacancy mandates that you have successfully completed High School to be eligible for the position. This position is currently located in Blue, but the employer is open to considering remote workers from other areas who meet the necessary qualifications.


Performs professional administrative and field work enforcing legal codes, both proactively and in response to complex complaints and inquiries.


  • Manages referred and complex cases; conducts site visit; studies and interprets codes; issues notices, penalties, and civil citations.
  • Conducts inspections in the field, both proactively and in response to complaints, to investigate all property and occupancy types for code compliance. Inspections may be conducted from the exterior of properties, as well as from the interior of structures.
  • Prepares written and oral reports for hearing officials and courts; prepares correspondence and orders related to hearings; researches codes, property records, utility accounts, and other sources.
  • Assists in research, development and modification of new or existing regulations and department operating procedures.
  • Assists in contract administration, lien management, and records management including handling public records requests.
  • Assists in public education and outreach about department services through public meetings, media contacts, and direct advertising.
  • Attends neighborhood meetings and neighborhood sub-committee meetings.
  • Performs related work as required.

Before you apply for any job online, make sure to remember these important elements to ensure a safe and successful job search. Be cautious of job postings that require you to provide personal information such as your social security number or driver's license number, as this information could be used for identity theft or fraud. Keep in mind that legitimate job postings will never ask you to send money or pay for training. If you are asked to pay for a job, it is likely a scam and you should not pursue it. Always make sure to do your homework and research the company to ensure that it's a genuine and reliable organization before accepting any job offer. Be cautious of job postings that require you to share your personal bank account details to complete a job application. You can prevent scams by calling the company to confirm the job posting's legitimacy and the availability of the position. Be suspicious of job postings that use unprofessional communication methods for conducting interviews. Don't share personal information until you have thoroughly researched the employer.


Open Entry Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree Path

  • Education:
    Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a degree in public administration, social science, law enforcement, planning, engineering, architecture, construction management, or a closely related field.
  • Experience: One year of experience enforcing codes.
  • Licenses and Certifications: Valid driver’s license is required.
  • Substitution: American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE) certification or certification from the International Code Council (ICC) as a Zoning, Building, or Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector will substitute for the enforcement experience requirement.

Equivalent Combination Path
  • Education: Two years of college education in a relevant field (60 semester credit hours or 90 quarter credit hours).
  • Experience: Two years of experience enforcing codes.
  • Licenses and Certifications:
    • Two ICC certifications as a Zoning, Building, or Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector.
    • Valid driver’s license is required.


Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications and pass the examination for this position to be eligible for hire.

Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply immediately. All applicants must complete and submit a City of Spokane employment application online by 4:00 p.m. on the filing cut-off date.

Upon request, at time of application, the City will provide alternative accessible tests to individuals with disabilities that impair manual, sensory, or speaking skills needed to take the test, unless the test is intended to measure those skills.

The examination will consist of a Training and Experience Evaluation (T&E), with scoring weight assigned as follows:

  • T&E 100%

  • Copies of your college or university transcripts (unofficial transcripts are accepted) may be a required part of this application and will be used to verify that you meet the minimum qualifications, as posted on the job announcement.
  • Responses to your T&E questions should be consistent with the information given in your application details. Answers are subject to verification.
  • Failure to complete all the questions or incomplete responses will result in a lower score; therefore, it is advantageous for you to provide a full and complete response to each supplemental question.
  • Resumes or questionnaires uploaded as attachments will not be accepted in lieu of completing each question online.
  • "See Resume" or "See above," etc., and copy/paste from a previous answer are not qualifying responses and will not be considered.
  • TIP: It may be more efficient to develop your responses in a word processing document and then paste them into the online questionnaire to be submitted.

You will receive a link to the Neighborhood and Housing Specialist T&E via email, prior to 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time on the start date and will expire at 11:59 p.m. on the due date as listed below. Please note that this email will be sent from City of Spokane ([email protected]).
  • Applicants who apply and meet the minimum qualifications between Monday, November 27, 2023 and Monday, December 11, 2023 will test Thursday, December 14, 2023 through Tuesday, December 19, 2023
We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity within our organization. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, familial status, genetic information, veteran/military status or disability status. As a Fair Chance employer, City of Spokane does not conduct initial background screening for non-public safety positions.


Eligibility: Coverage begins for new hires and their dependents on the first day of the month following 30 consecutive days of employment.

Eligible Dependents: Spouse or Domestic Partner, birth, adopted children or children placed for adoption, Domestic Partner's children, step-children who live with employee, and any child for whom employee is legal guardian or for whom coverage is required by a Qualified Medical Support Order. Adult children under age 26 are eligible.

Qualified employees may select from two health carrier options; a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) administered by Kaiser Permanente or a Preferred Provider Option (PPO) administered by Premera Blue Cross. The monthly premium varies dependent upon plan and coverage level selected.

Vision coverage is included in the medical plan selected. Costs for eye exams and hardware; lenses,frames or contacts varies depending on the medical plan selected.

Dental insurance is provided by Delta Dental of Washington. The monthly premium is minimal for employee and eligible dependents.

Life Insurance - Employee Only
Basic Term Life Insurance is provided at one-and-a-half times the employee's annual base salary to a maximum of $150,000. The City pays the monthly premium in full.

Life Insurance - Eligible Dependent(s)
Basic Term Life Insurance is provided at $7,500 for spouse/domestic partner and $3,000 for each child. The City pays the monthly premium in full.

Long-Term Disability Insurance
Long-Term Disability Insurance is provided by The Standard. The City pays the monthly premium in full.

Flexible Spending Account
The City offers two optional Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) - Health Care FSA and Dependent Care FSA. The Health Care FSA allows an employee to use pre-tax dollars to receive reimbursement for eligible medical, dental, and vision expenses. The Dependent Care FSA allows an employee to receive reimbursement for eligible daycare expenses for dependent children up to age 13 and other eligible dependents as defined by IRS Code.

Supplemental insurance is optional and is provided by AFLAC to help pay benefits that major medical insurance does not cover. The employee pays 100% of the monthly premium.

AudioNet Hearing Aid Benefit
AudioNet Hearing Aid Benefit is optional. The City of Spokane has partnered with AudioNet America to offer a discounted Hearing Aid Program with fixed out-of-pocket costs.

LegalShield/ID Shield
Prepaid legal services and/or prepaid identity theft programs are optional. These programs pay for a limited number of documents to be reviewed, limited trial defense representation, the preparation of a standard will, identity theft consultation, restoration and monitoring according to terms of contract.

Pet Insurance
Get cash back on the everyday care your pet needs to stay healthy! Nationwide/Voluntary Pet Insurance is an optional plan in which City of Spokane Employees can enroll.

Voluntary Term Life Insurance
Voluntary Term Life Insurance is optional and is provided through The Standard Insurance Company and is subject to application review and approval. Additional coverage up to $300,000 is available for employees and their spouse/domestic partner. Dependent children can be insured for up to $10,000 each. The employee pays 100% of the monthly premium.

Continued Medical/Dental Insurance
Employees separating from City service have the option to continue medical and/or dental insurance benefits in accordance with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). The employee pays 100% of the monthly premium in addition to a small monthly administrative fee.


Spokane Employees' Retirement System
The Spokane Employees' Retirement System (SERS) is a defined benefit pension plan covering non-uniformed employees whose positions are classified under the Civil Service Merit System. As a participant you contribute 10.25% of your salary toward your retirement. Contributions and earnings are tax deferred. The City also contributes 10.25% of your salary toward your retirement. Employees hired on or after January 1, 2015 become vested (eligible for a monthly benefit at retirement age) at seven years of service.

Deferred Compensation
Enrollment in the City-sponsored 457 Deferred Compensation Plan administered by MissionSquare Retirement allows participants, on a voluntary basis, to defer a portion of their salary on a before or after tax basis. Contributions and associated earnings contributed on a before tax basis are eligible to receive City matching contributions and are tax deferred (not taxed until taken out). You can also choose to participate in the 457 Roth (after tax) contribution option. You may enroll in the 457 plan or change your contribution at any time. Minimum contribution is $15 per paycheck up to and is subject to the IRS annual limitations. The City will match employee contributions up to $150/month.


Official Holidays
The City observes seven official holidays as paid. An official holiday that falls on a Saturday will be observed on the preceding Friday. An official holiday that falls on a Sunday will be observed on the Monday immediately following. The City observes Martin Luther King Jr's birthday but has not declared that day as an official holiday. For this reason, employees hired before the third Monday of January receive an additional eight hours of floating holiday time to be used in accordance with Spokane Managerial and Professional Association Collective Bargaining Agreement provisions.

Floating Holidays
48 hours of Floating Holidays to be used as of January 1st. Floating holiday hours may not be carried over into the next year and any unused hours will not be paid at termination.

Vacation Leave
Employees earn paid vacation hours each pay period. The number of hours earned depends upon the employee's length of employment and the number of hours in a pay status. Vacation accrual ranges from 12 days per year for a new employee to 20 days per year after 11 years of employment. Unused vacation hours carry over each year but are subject to maximum accrual amounts in accordance with Spokane Managerial and Professional Association Collective Bargaining Agreement provisions.

Sick Leave
Sick leave accrues at a rate of six (6) hours per biweekly pay period. Employees must be in paid status for 80% of that pay period to accrue sick leave. Unused sick leave hours carry over each year.

Other Leaves
The City also provides several other paid and unpaid leaves, such as: bereavement leave, Family and Medical Leave, maternity leave, jury duty, and military duty leave.


Employee Assistance Program
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a referral and counseling service administered by Deer Oaks. It provides a myriad of services to employees and their household members. Services include receiving confidential assistance for personal issues, such as managing stress, depression, parenting, alcohol/drugs, grief, etc. Each household member is eligible to receive up to eight counseling sessions per issue per year at no charge. There is also a benefit relating financial or legal concerns in addition to Worklife/Convenience services and online tools.

Employer Sponsored Bus Pass (ESBP) Program
The City of Spokane encourages employees to use alternatives to driving alone to work and participates in the ESBP Program offered by Spokane Transit Authority (STA). The program provides a bus pass for unlimited rides free of charge.

Revised March 15, 2022

Have you carefully read through this job vacancy? If so, now is the time to decide whether to apply. Accuracy is a sign of professionalism and attention to detail, so make sure that your application reflects these qualities. It is important to us that all applicants carefully consider if this job is the right fit for them before applying. We are excited to receive applications from individuals who are passionate about this job opportunity and can fulfill the responsibilities and expectations. Similarly, there are other job vacancies on that might offer a better work-life balance or flexible schedule.