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If you're interested in gaining experience in a particular field, full time work might be a good way to do so. Although this vacancy is at Bowling, the company may be willing to consider applications from remote candidates who meet the necessary criteria. March 9, 2024 marked the release of the job opening for Team Member, which will end on June 6, 2024. The employer's non-disclosure of salary means that you can negotiate based on the company's potential for growth and expansion.


Cinergy Entertainment is hiring Team Members for ALL hourly positions!

Calling all Gamers, Movie Buffs, Bowlers, Axe Throwers, Foodies, Laser Tag Enthusiasts, Thrill Seekers, and Social Butterflies! Working at Cinergy is anything but boring! Our Team Members set the stage to provide MAGICAL Experiences for our guests, and have a ton of FUN in the process. Bring us your best, and play with our guests and fellow team members every single day!

We ‘Cinergize’ people with the magic of movies and amusement.

Before submitting any job application online, remember to keep in mind these key factors to avoid falling victim to fraudulent job postings. If you have any concerns about the job posting, contact the company directly to confirm the job's legitimacy and availability. Always read the fine print and thoroughly review the terms and conditions of any job posting or application before submitting it. Any job posting that requires you to use your personal bank account should be avoided. Beware of employers that ask for personal information through unconventional or unprofessional methods. Always be wary of job postings that use urgency or pressure to get you to apply quickly, as they may be scams or fraudulent job opportunities. Researching the company's industry competitors and market position can help you assess its competitive advantage and growth potential before applying for any job. Be cautious about providing personal information to potential employers, especially if it seems excessive or unnecessary.

What we do:

Have FUN!

  • Greet our guests and guide them through activities based on their preferences
  • Ensure safety and cleanliness in the center
  • Socialize with guests and fellow teammembers to accomplish goals set for the day
  • PLAY arcade games, laser tag, and throw axes (Yes, really!)

What you get:

  • Free movies for you and a friend
  • Free Virtual Reality and Arcade Games
  • Free Attractions (Bowling, Laser Tag, Ropes Course, Axe Throwing, and more)
  • Free midnight screenings of new release movies! Be the first to see it!
  • As much popcorn and soda as your heart desires. You guessed, for FREE!
  • Discounts on food & non-alcoholic beverages. 50% off that is!
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Competitive Pay
  • Leadership Opportunities

The minimum age to work at Cinergy is 16.

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Your decision will only be as informed as the amount of time you spend reading the job posting. Don't let the pressure to submit your application quickly compromise the quality of your work. We encourage you to carefully evaluate if this job aligns with your career goals and aspirations before applying. We encourage individuals who are confident in their ability to fulfill the responsibilities to apply for this job. Alternatively, if this job vacancy isn't a good fit, has other job vacancies to explore.