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Provisional Wild Animal Keeper, Mammals

Wildlife Conservation Society: Bronx Zoo
Bachelor Degree

April 30, 2024 is when the job vacancy for Provisional Wild Animal Keeper, Mammals was advertised, and it will be closed on May 28, 2024. You have the opportunity to negotiate your salary with the employer because they do not disclose it. To be eligible for this job, it is mandatory to have obtained Bachelor Degree as a minimum requirement. Wildlife Conservation Society: Bronx Zoo has several internship job opportunities, but be sure to read the job description carefully to ensure that it aligns with your career objectives. This vacancy is based in Bronx, but the company is willing to accept applications from potential candidates living outside the area if they meet the specified qualifications. The company requires workers to be physically present at Bronx , NY , Bronx , NY.

Wildlife Conservation Society: Bronx Zoo

WCS's goal is to conserve the world's largest wild places in 14 priority regions, home to more than 50% of the world's biodiversity. The challenges are greater than ever, but with the focus, dedication, and passion of a committed staff—combined with a unique mixture of field, zoo, and aquarium expertise—WCS will continue to set the bar for science, conservation action, and education that has driven our success in protecting wildlife and wild places for over a century.

Provisional Wild Animal Keeper, Mammals

Position Summary

To perform any activity necessary for the safe, proper, and humane management and maintenance of the animal collection, exhibits, holding facilities and associated service.
Major Responsibilities
  • Perform safe, proper and humane care of assigned animals according to established protocols or under the direction of the appropriate senior wild animal keeper and /or the supervisory/curatorial staff.
  • Prepare animal diets according to established protocols or under the direction of the appropriate senior wild animal keeper and/or the supervisory/curatorial staff.
  • Perform safe and proper maintenance of assigned animal exhibits, holding facilities and associated service areas according to established protocols or under the direction of the appropriate senior wild animal keeper and/or the supervisory/curatorial staff. 
  • Assist curatorial/supervisory staff in developing safe, proper and humane protocols for the management and maintenance of the animal collection, exhibits, holding facilities and associated service areas.
  • Participate in the modification and enhancement of animal exhibits under the direction of the appropriate senior wild animal keeper and/or the supervisory/curatorial staff to include, but not limited to the installation of plant material, perches and exhibit props such as rocks and logs, monitoring water quality, addition of substrates, and cleaning of exhibit glass and graphic panels.
  • Inspect animal exhibits, holding facilities and associated service areas to ensure that they are clean, well lit, properly ventilated, properly heated or cooled, and that all mechanical systems are operating properly.  
  • Observe the animals entrusted to his/her care and report promptly on any indication of illness. Carry out the veterinarian's instructions for the care of sick animals and follow all protocols established for the daily care of the animals.
  • Participate in Bronx Zoo animal behavior programs to facilitate animal management and to enhance and enrich the daily lives of the animals in our care.  Develop animal conditioning skills and techniques. Implement department programs to condition behaviors and acclimate both naïve and experienced animals to exhibits.  Participate in daily enrichment programs.
  • Aid the general public and provide information concerning the Bronx Zoo, visitor services, exhibits and the animal collection.
  • Enforce the Bronx Zoo’s visitor rules and regulations.
  • Perform other related tasks and duties at the instruction of senior animal keepers and/or the supervisory/curatorial staff.
  • Bachelor’s Degree with major in Biology 
    • or related field with (1) year recent, full-time paid experience in the handling, feeding and care of animals in a zoo or on a stock farm with experience supervising animal care staff
    • or an equivalent combination of education or experience including internships at related animal care facilities.
  • Valid current driver’s license.
  • Ability to represent WCS in a professional manner and to establish and maintain positive, effective working relationships with employees, colleagues, City and other government agencies, outside contractors, and the general public.
Physical Requirements
  • The position requires outdoor work in all weather conditions.
  • Tasks require manual dexterity and ability to safely use tools (e.g. drill, wire cutters, computer keyboard) and operate equipment (e.g. food processors, scales, life support systems).
  • Some tasks require climbing, kneeling, bending, navigating uneven terrain, and moderate lifting up to 50 pounds.
  • Ability to work weekends, holidays, evenings and special events as the schedule demands.
Requested Application Documents (Serious Inquires Only) 
  • Please note to be considered, you'll need to provide the following documents with your application: 
    • Cover Letter (highlighting a list of diverse taxa) 
    • Resume
Equal Employment Opportunity Disclaimer

WCS is an equal opportunity employer, and the organization complies with all employment and labor laws and regulations that prohibit discrimination in hiring and ensures that candidates from all backgrounds are fairly and consistently considered during the recruitment process. We are dedicated to hiring and engaging a diverse workforce. We are committed to cultivating an inclusive work environment and look for future team members who share that same value. The organization provides equal employment opportunities for all qualified candidates. The organization does not discriminate for employment based on gender, race/ethnicity, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship status, genetic information or any other covered status or characteristic protected by applicable laws and regulations.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that we do not tolerate discrimination or harassment based upon a person’s membership in one of these protected categories in areas such as recruitment, selection, job assignment, supervision, training, promotions, job grading, transfers, termination, compensation, benefits, educational opportunities, WCS sponsored recreational activities and facilities. 


15 Vacation, 13 Holidays, 12 Paid-Time-Off Days, Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, Pension, 12 weeks of Paid Parental Leave and much more…



How to Apply

Please Visit Wildlife Conservation Society’s Job Board and Apply Here:

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Wildlife Conservation Society: Bronx Zoo
2300 Southern Blvd
Bronx, NY 10460
Phone: 7187411601


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