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Marine Mammals Animal Care Specialist (Seasonal)

Brookfield Zoo Chicago
High School

One of the essential requirements for this job vacancy is the completion of High School. May 10, 2024 is when the Marine Mammals Animal Care Specialist (Seasonal) job opportunity was released, and it will be closed on June 7, 2024. Although this job is based in Brookfield, the employer is willing to consider candidates from outside of the area who are willing to relocate for the position. You can negotiate your salary with the employer based on the company's approach to employee learning and development opportunities. The workplace for this job is at Brookfield , IL , Brookfield , IL.

Brookfield Zoo Chicago

Marine Mammals Animal Care Specialist (Seasonal)

Our dolphins are back!!

BASIC FUNCTION:            

This position contributes to the success of Brookfield Zoo Chicago (“BZC”) by providing general high-quality care for the welfare of the collection and performing related work of maintaining buildings, grounds, and interpretives in assigned area under close supervision.  Informs, assists, and directs guests as necessary to provide a great guest experience. 


Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential job functions of the position.

  1. *Cleans animal enclosures, pools, and service areas as assigned. 
  2. *Prepares and distributes food as directed. 
  3. *Observes assigned animals closely, routinely, and objectively reports to supervisor on their behavior, health, and welfare.  Observes condition of assigned area(s), animal enclosures, and equipment.  Keeps animal records as assigned. 
  4. *Performs routines of assigned areas and specialized procedures as directed. 
  5. *Communicates with and assists guests.  Takes initiative to facilitate guests’ appreciation of animals and enjoyment of their zoo visit.
  6. *Demonstrates knowledge of and implements BZC-wide and area emergency procedures as directed. 
  7. *Monitors and cleans public space(s), plants, and interpretives as assigned.  Reports maintenance needs timely.  Performs minor maintenance tasks as assigned.
  8. *Monitors visitors to ensure animal and human safety and protection of park property.
  9. *Studies specific reference materials about animals in assigned area.  Reads other zoological and husbandry texts as assigned.
  10. Other related duties as assigned. 

* Denotes Essential Job Function(s)

Experience Required

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: • High school graduate or GED equivalent required. • Incumbent must possess an understanding of practical principles of animal behavior and ability to work with live animals safely. • Must be a minimum of 18 years of age. • Good interpersonal and communications skills. Must be able to interact in a courteous and professional manner. • Knowledge of natural history, zoology, or animal husbandry preferred. • Must be capable of dealing with emergencies calmly and efficiently. • Must be reliable. • Must be able to learn and integrate information, knowledge, and direction quickly. • English fluency at a professional working proficiency. • Cultural proficiency; experience and/or ability to work and interact effectively with a diverse, multicultural audience. • For Marine Mammal Animal Care Specialist positions, SCUBA Certification is required upon hire. • For Marine Aquatic Animal Care Specialist positions, SCUBA Certification is required upon hire. • Valid driver’s license required. Illinois residents must possess a valid Illinois license within 90 days of hire. Valid out-of-state license required for out-of-state residents. DESIRABLE/PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: • Bachelor's degree or college coursework in relevant biological field or equivalent combination of training and experience preferred. • Minimum six months animal care facility, farm, kennel, or equivalent animal experience preferred. • Multilingual ability, Spanish fluency a plus

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Further Comments

This is a temporary position with rotating shifts, including weekends, holidays, and evenings. Incumbent is expected to acquire general knowledge about Brookfield Zoo Chicago, gain an understanding of the mission, vision, and values, and become familiar with and follow policies and procedures, including emergency procedures. Incumbent is responsible for the care and proper use of equipment and property. Incumbent is responsible for the safety of guests, animals, employees, interns, volunteers, etc., as instructed. Must be alert to hazards and potential hazards and take action to remedy or report these timely as appropriate. Primary contacts include BZC staff, professional associates, volunteers, interns, and guests. Incumbent must possess a genuine interest in animals and their welfare. Must work cooperatively and follow appropriate communication channels. Must possess ability to adjust quickly to changes, and represent BZC in a professional manner at all times. Animal Care Specialists are frequently subjected to potential hazards that include direct contact with or close proximity to live animals. Animal Care Specialists positions are physically demanding, and employees may be subjected to a variety of physical demands and environmental factors and exposures. Incumbents may be required to undergo physical examinations, including vaccinations, inoculations, blood tests, or other such testing or procedures as may be required by law or deemed reasonably necessary. This job description contains the primary duties and responsibilities of the position, but in no way implies that these are the only duties the employee may ever be called upon to perform. The Chicago Zoological Society is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


15.00/hour per union contract

How to Apply

If interested in being considered for this opportunity, please visit the CZS Career Center to obtain more details about the position and to apply by submitting your profile.  Please at

Brookfield Zoo Chicago
3300 Golf Road
Brookfield, IL 60513
Phone: 7086888400

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