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Full Time Home Health Registered Nurse - High Paying

Pinnacle Rehab Staffing
1 Year

The employer is looking for a skilled worker in Brooklyn, but is open to considering applicants from other locations. The job offer of Full Time Home Health Registered Nurse - High Paying has been made available since December 14, 2023, and it will expire on March 5, 2024. A prerequisite for this job is that you have 12 months of experience in the same field. You can negotiate your salary with the employer based on the company's policies on remote work and flexibility. Pinnacle Rehab Staffing has full time roles for individuals who enjoy working in a team environment.

We are looking for a Full Time Registered Nurse (RN) for a high-paying, flexible position doing skilled nursing visits to adult and geriatric medical / surgical patients in the Home Health Care setting. The pay and benefits are generous for this Registered Nurse Position. We will consider Registered Nurses who have at least 1 year of experience with adult or geriatric patients in a SNF, Emergency Room, Emergency Department, Hospital, Rehabilitation, Home Health, or Hospice setting. The field registered nurse position in home health care is sometimes called a case manager, as you will be managing the cases of your home health patients. This registered nurse position is with a homecare company that has been in business many years, therefore it has stability and longevity. All interested RN candidates please answer the questions below.

Some of the Benefits for the Full Time Home Health RN position:
  • The pay is very generous
  • Health Insurances
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Paid time off - Over 4 weeks a year!
  • Short term disability
  • Long term disability
  • 401K Retirement Plan
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan
  • Electronic charting
  • Phone Reimbursement
  • Life insurance - $50,000 employer paid
  • Paid mileage covers the amount spent in gas plus a good amount of additional money. Nurses are generally paid $200 or more extra each week for mileage pay.
  • This company has good ratings on the Website
HOME HEALTHCARE RN JOB REQUIREMENTS: We will consider Registered Nurses who have at least 1 year of recent experience working with adult or geriatric patients in any of the following settings: Emergency Room, Emergency Department, rehabilitation Center / skilled nursing facility SNF, home health care / visiting nurse setting, rehab hospital, correctional facility, hospital / medical center, Intensive Care Unit ICU, Medical Intensive Care Unit MICU, Surgical Intensive Care Unit SICU, Definitive Observation Unit DOU, Critical Care Unit CCU, float / pool nurse. The RN must be a Registered Nurse. The Registered Nurse must have a current license in the state. The Registered Nurse must either be a US Citizen or have your green card. The RN must be Registered Nurse. The Registered Nurse must have a current license in the state. The Registered Nurse must either be a US Citizen or have your green card. This company requires a COVID-19 vaccine.

*If you qualify for this position and are interested, please put a note in your application with the following information:*

1. This is a full-time position. Are you willing and able to work full-time hours?

2. What times and days could you do a video interview (It's done via Microsoft Teams and can be done on your phone or computer)?

3. This is not shift work, but is seeing 3-7 pt./day in their homes or senior living facilities. You will be driving from patient home to patient home & most patients will be close together but sometimes you may have to drive 20-40 minutes to reach a patient's home, therefore; about half your day will be spent driving. Traveling is part of your salary plus you will get additional pay for mileage, but I want to make sure that you are fine with traveling as that is an integral part of home health?

Before you start your job search online, it's important to keep in mind some key tips to ensure a safe and successful job search. Legitimate employers will usually conduct job interviews in a more formal setting, such as an office or over the phone. Be on the lookout for job postings that offer unrealistic work schedules or promises of high income without explanation, as these are often signs of a fraudulent job posting. To prevent any issues, verify that you are on the official website before taking any actions. Use different passwords for different job sites and accounts to reduce the risk of a data breach or identity theft. Keep your bank account information private until you are certain that a job posting is legitimate. If something feels off about a job posting, take a closer look and investigate before submitting an application. Do not give out your bank account or credit card information to a potential employer. Get in touch with the employer to ensure that the job posting is not a fraud and that they are hiring. Researching the company's employee benefits and compensation packages is important to ensure that they are fair and competitive before accepting any job offer.

4. Home Health is paid for by Medicare, and Medicare requires nurses to fill out a document called OASIS when starting any patient on services. The OASIS document is computerized, but in paper form is equal to a 38-page questionnaire, and then a lesser number of pages to update it for recertification and discharge. So, there is a lot of paperwork in home health-- are you going to be fine with that?

5. A COVID-19 vaccine is required for this position. Do you have or are you willing to get a COVID-19 vaccine if offered a position?

6. Please tell me about what recent hands-on experience you have doing skilled nursing treatments including complex wound care, medication management, wound vacs, patient education, and/or blood draws. Which of these skills have you done recently, where did you work doing these, and what approximate month/year to what month/year did you have this hands-on experience?

7. What is your email address?

***We will be emailing all Registered Nurse candidates follow-up questions so please be watching your email that you used to apply to this position.

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Ensure you meet all the necessary qualifications before submitting your application, based on the information in the posting. Submitting an error-free job application demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to excellence. We welcome applications from individuals who are passionate about this job opportunity and can fulfill the requirements. If you have any doubts about this job posting, please refrain from submitting an application.