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Motor Vehicle Representative

FULL TIME$4,000 - 5,000 / month
High School

Although the job is located in California, it is a remote job that provides the flexibility to work from any location in the world. January 6, 2024 was the day when the Motor Vehicle Representative position was made available, and it will be inaccessible after March 28, 2024. It is a prerequisite for this job opening that you have successfully completed High School. Is full time work something that you've considered before? $4,000 - 5,000 / month is the salary that you will receive if you are successful in your job application.

Job Description and Duties

Applicants who previously applied in response to Job Posting JC-393977 with the final filing date of 10/04/2023, must reapply to be considered for this recruitment.

Our requirements for applying for this position have changed. Please read this entire job posting!

This position is located at the DMV Headquarters in Sacramento.
DMV is seeking a dependable team player with prior telephone customer service experience. The incumbent will access the Information Access Control (IAC) table, the Employer Pull Notice System (EPN Library), and online Requester Portal to review and process applications for government and commercial accounts; verify and update applications and contracts and assign requester codes; access the Automated Billing for Information Services (ABIS) system to determine balances due and process payments through the DMVA system; and correspond by phone, email, and mail to customers daily. In addition, the incumbent will answer questions regarding the application process; interpret information on forms, printouts, and CA Vehicle Code; and generate and mail out driver license (DL) printouts. Dependability and punctuality are essential.

Desiable Qualifications: Analytical skills; oral/written communication skills; strong computer/interpersonal skills; customer service skills; and the ability to work with staff and the public; Ability to work in a team environment with all levels of staff; Driver License knowledge and experience is desirable.

All eligible applicants are encouraged to apply. A training and development assignment may be considered. SROA/Surplus candidates are encouraged to apply.

The position(s) being advertised may be subject to allocation approval by the Human Resources Branch. Fingerprint/Criminal Record Clearance is required before hire. The Salary Range shown is the minimum and maximum for a full-time appointment. Salaries are non-negotiable and are subject to the California Department of Human Resources salary rules. Salaries for part-time and/or intermittent appointments may vary. Moving and relocation expenses will not be reimbursed for this position.

To be considered for this job vacancy, all applicants must complete the MVR Questionnaire included in this Job Posting; must indicate their basis of eligibility (list, transfer, reinstate, demote or SROA/Surplus), the Job Control/Code (JC) number and the position number(s) in the “EXAMINATION(S) OR JOB TITLE(S) FOR WHICH YOU ARE APPLYING” box of the Examination/Employment Application (STD. 678); and must complete and submit all items listed under “Required Application Documents” below by the Final Filing Date.

Employment history information must be submitted on the STD. 678; attaching a resume shall not be sufficient for the purposes of providing employment history. Failure to indicate required information on the STD. 678 or submit all items by the Final Filing Date will result in elimination from the hiring process.

You will find additional information about the job in the Duty Statement.

Working Conditions

Application Instructions

Please submit only one application. We encourage you to apply through your CalCareer account at Electronic applications submitted through your CalCareer Account are highly recommended and will be received/processed faster than other methods of filing. An application package may be submitted through an alternative method listed in the "How To Apply" section below.

Do not submit any documents (for example, cover letter, diploma, letter of recommendation, exam results, etc.) with your application other than a State Restriction of Appointment (SROA)/Surplus letter, transcripts if you have college education to apply towards meeting the MVR minimum qualifications, and/or the required written response if identified within this job posting. Any other additional documents will not be accepted. Adding any other additional documents will result in elimination from the hiring process.

Do NOT include ANY confidential information on any documents you submit for a job vacancy. Confidential information that should be excluded or removed includes, but is not limited to, your Social Security number (SSN), birthdate, student identification number, driver license number (unless required), photograph, Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP) status, gender, marital status, ethnicity, and age. Confidential information on STD. 678s submitted electronically online, such as SSN, will automatically be redacted upon submission.

Job Code #: JC-409828 Position #(s): 525-120-1897-014 525-120-1897-008 Working Title: Motor Vehicle Representative Classification: MOTOR VEHICLE REPRESENTATIVE $3,530.00 - $5,117.00
Work Location: Sacramento County Telework: In Office Job Type: Permanent, Full Time

Department Information

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is a recognized leader in public service and has existed for over 100 years. The DMV is responsible for registering approximately 36 million vehicles in California, and serving 30 million driver license and identification card holders, collecting over $11 billion in annual revenue. The DMV also maintains and oversees many other functions. The DMV provides quality licensing and motor vehicle-related services in its field offices located throughout California and online at

Special Requirements

  • The position(s) require(s) a Background Investigation be cleared prior to being hired.
Using the online application system as specified in this announcement is the preferred method of applying for civil service job opportunities; however, applicants may instead apply by way of U.S. mail, parcel delivery or courier service, or in person, as set forth in this announcement.
Do NOT include ANY confidential information on any documents you submit for a job vacancy, such as your Examination/Employment Application (STD. 678), resume, or educational transcripts. Confidential information that should be excluded or removed from these documents includes, but is not limited to, your Social Security number (SSN), birthdate, student identification number, driver license number (unless required), photograph, basis of eligibility, examination results, Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP) status, gender, marital status, ethnicity, and age. Confidential information on STD. 678s submitted electronically online, such as SSN, will automatically be redacted upon submission.
Possession of the Minimum Qualifications will be verified prior to interview and/or appointment. If you are meeting the Minimum Qualifications with education, you must include your unofficial transcripts/diploma for verification. If it is determined that you do not meet the Minimum Qualifications, your name will be removed or withheld from the eligibility list, rendering your eligibility as inactive and ineligible to be hired for the position. Candidates whose names have been withheld from an eligibility list may file an appeal with the State Personnel Board.

Application Instructions

Completed applications and all required documents must be received or postmarked by the Final Filing Date in order to be considered. Dates printed on Mobile Bar Codes, such as the Quick Response (QR) Codes available at the USPS, are not considered Postmark dates for the purpose of determining timely filing of an application.

Final Filing Date: 1/15/2024

Who May Apply

Individuals who are currently in the classification, eligible for lateral transfer, eligible for reinstatement, have list eligibility, are in the process of obtaining list eligibility, or have SROA and/or Surplus eligibility (please attach your letter, if available). SROA and Surplus candidates are given priority; therefore, individuals with other eligibility may be considered in the event no SROA or Surplus candidates apply. Individuals who are eligible for a Training and Development assignment may also be considered for this position(s).

Applications will be screened and only the most qualified applicants will be selected to move forward in the selection process. Applicants must meet the Minimum Qualifications stated in the Classification Specification(s).

How To Apply

Complete Application Packages (including your Examination/Employment Application (STD 678) and applicable or required documents) must be submitted to apply for this Job Posting. Application Packages may be submitted electronically through your CalCareer Account at When submitting your application in hard copy, a completed copy of the Application Package listing must be included. If you choose to not apply electronically, a hard copy application package may be submitted through an alternative method listed below:

Address for Mailing Application Packages

To ensure a safe and successful job search online, there are several things you need to keep in mind before submitting any job application. Before proceeding, verify that you are on the genuine website to avoid any negative outcomes. Don't take any chances with your job search; always research the company to ensure that it's a genuine and reputable organization. If a job posting raises any red flags or makes you feel uneasy, it's best to steer clear and look for other opportunities. Watch out for job postings that ask for payment before you can start working. Be wary of job postings that require you to pay a fee or provide financial information before you can apply. Job interviews conducted only over text or email may be a warning sign of a potential scam, so be cautious. Don't fall for job postings that require you to give your personal bank account information. Check to see if the job posting has been listed on other reputable job sites to verify its authenticity. To verify that the job posting is genuine and the position is open, get in touch with the company directly.

You may submit your application and any applicable or required documents to:

Department of Motor Vehicles Attn: Harjap Singh, JC-409828 DMV - ASD - HRB - Talent Acquisition Unit 2415 First Avenue, MS E678 Sacramento, CA 95818

Address for Drop-Off Application Packages

You may drop off your application and any applicable or required documents at:

Department of Motor Vehicles Harjap Singh, JC-409828 DMV - ASD - HRB - Talent Acquisition Unit 2415 First Avenue, MS E678 Sacramento, CA 95818 Place in the “Selection & Certification Unit Drop Box” located at the 1st Floor Lobby. 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Required Application Package Documents

The following items are required to be submitted with your application. Applicants who do not submit the required items timely may not be considered for this job:

  • Current version of the State Examination/Employment Application STD Form 678 (when not applying electronically), or the Electronic State Employment Application through your Applicant Account at All Experience and Education relating to the Minimum Qualifications listed on the Classification Specification should be included to demonstrate how you meet the Minimum Qualifications for the position.
  • Resume is optional. It may be included, but is not required.
  • Supplemental Application -

    Motor Vehicle Representative (MVR) Questionnaire - To continue through the hiring process, you must meet the minimum requirements; take the MVR online exam, or have current or prior State civil service employment; and take the MVR Questionnaire located at the link below.

  • Other - A written response to the item(s) listed in the Written Response section below, no more than 2 pages in length with no less than Arial 12-point font and 1-inch margins, submitted as a separate document.
Applicants requiring reasonable accommodations for the hiring interview process must request the necessary accommodations if scheduled for a hiring interview. The request should be made at the time of contact to schedule the interview. Questions regarding reasonable accommodations may be directed to the EEO contact listed on this job posting.


The Department of Motor Vehicles and the State of California offer many benefits to its employees. These include health, vision, and dental benefits; retirement plans (CalPERS); savings plans (401K and 457b); leave benefits; insurance (such as group legal insurance and group long term disability insurance); and employee assistance program. Benefits may be based on the job classification, bargaining unit, tenure, time base, and length of appointment. Click on each web link below for more information.
  • Benefits summary -
  • Benefits afforded by membership in the California Public Employees’ Retirement System - (click on “CalPERS”)
  • Benefits and protections provided to public employees by the State Civil Service -
  • Job descriptions and pay scales -

Contact Information

The Hiring Unit Contact is available to answer questions regarding the position or application process.

Hiring Unit Contact:
Aaron Flores
(916) 657-5812

Please direct requests for Reasonable Accommodations to the interview scheduler at the time the interview is being scheduled. You may direct any additional questions regarding Reasonable Accommodations or Equal Employment Opportunity for this position(s) to the Department's EEO Office.

EEO Contact:
Office of Civil Rights and Resolution
(916) 657-7553

California Relay Service: 1-800-735-2929 (TTY), 1-800-735-2922 (Voice) TTY is a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf, and is reachable only from phones equipped with a TTY Device.

Job Application Package Checklist

Contrary to the “How To Apply” and “Alternate Application Process” sections of this job posting, the Job Application Package Checklist is not required. However, applicants must submit all Required Application Documents identified under the “Application Instructions” section by the final filing date.

Written Response

  • Describe how your education and/or work experience have prepared you for this position.
  • Tell us about a time when you had to quickly learn a new skill or knowledge area for your job. How did you go about it and what was the outcome?

Equal Opportunity Employer

The State of California is an equal opportunity employer to all, regardless of age, ancestry, color, disability (mental and physical), exercising the right to family care and medical leave, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, medical condition, military or veteran status, national origin, political affiliation, race, religious creed, sex (includes pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and related medical conditions), and sexual orientation.

It is an objective of the State of California to achieve a drug-free work place. Any applicant for state employment will be expected to behave in accordance with this objective because the use of illegal drugs is inconsistent with the law of the State, the rules governing Civil Service, and the special trust placed in public servants.

If you're confident that you've carefully reviewed the job posting, it's time to take the next step. If you are excited about this job opportunity and believe that you can meet the expectations, we encourage you to apply. We encourage you to carefully review the job posting and requirements before submitting an application. Don't assume that speed is the most important factor in job applications – accuracy and completeness are equally important.