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Global Food Systems Partnerships Associate Director


Full time work offers a different kind of work experience - is that something you're looking for? The Global Food Systems Partnerships Associate Director job opening was released on March 2, 2024, and it will be removed on May 31, 2024. Since the salary is not specified by the employer, you can negotiate based on the company's approach to employee diversity and inclusion. This job is based in Chicago, but it's a remote position that allows you to work from any location as long as you can deliver on your tasks.

Job Description

Job Title: Global Food Systems Partnerships Associate Director

Reports to Title: Food Sourcing & Strategic Partnerships Director

Location: United States, Chicago or remote

Date: February 26, 2024

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Compensation: Grade: 5 Salary Range $85,700 – $107,200 (specific to US-based employees)

Job Summary:

The Global Food Systems Partnerships Associate Director is responsible for developing and cultivating relationships with multinational consumer goods manufacturers and distributors, grocery, and food service retailers, as well as companies in the agricultural sector around the world to assist member food bank organizations in sourcing food donations across the supply chain. The Associate Director will also collaborate with Field and Knowledge Services to build food sourcing capabilities to develop and expand procurement programs.

Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Assess sourcing landscape and develop plans and strategies to increase product sourced by global multi-national companies.
  • Establish and cultivate relationships at all appropriatestages of company supply chains and levels of decision making within partner organizations, ensuring sustained support.
  • Help strengthen the network’s status as a preferred recipient of food and non-food essentials with multinational company headquarters and international locations.
  • Build strong relationships with GFN internal stakeholders, effectively collaborating with GFN staff to support headquarter teams, regional staff and enable exchange of learning and donor information related to product sourcing.
  • Support Communications and Knowledge Services teams in the creation of new training tools and communication vehicles that will assist food bank members with identifying, educating, and servicing donors.
  • Help build and expand product sourcing programs by strengthening food banks as non-profit customers when appropriate.
  • Work with food bank staff, Development or Regional Product Sourcing Managers as appropriate, to create and implement effective action plans for holistic donor support.
  • Implement, manage, and track business strategies that help secure more products for food banks.

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