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Restaurant General Manager

Southern Multifoods, Inc. (Taco Bell)
Corpus Christi
High School

You can negotiate your salary with the employer based on the company's commitment to innovation and research and development. This position is based in Corpus Christi, but the employer is open to considering candidates from other areas if they meet the necessary qualifications. The job offer for the Restaurant General Manager position was announced on May 3, 2024, and it will be removed on May 31, 2024. It is mandatory to have obtained High School to apply for this job vacancy. Southern Multifoods, Inc. (Taco Bell) has a range of job types available, including internship, so take some time to evaluate whether it aligns with your career aspirations. The work happens at 14601 Northwest Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX, Corpus Christi, TX.

Company: Southern Multifoods, Inc.
Location: 14601 Northwest Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX
Job Category: General Manager

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Basic Function:To ensure the orderly and efficient functioning of assigned restaurant by assuring adherence to the philosophy of quality, service, cleanliness and hospitality (CHAMPS) and the Taco Bell (LAST) system.Job Specifications:
  1. High school education or equivalent is required.
  2. Must have comprehensive understanding of all aspects of restaurant management and prior food service experience.
  3. Must possess a valid Drive License.
  4. Must have access to a vehicle to drive periodically on Company Business.
  5. Must have current liability insurance in your name.
  6. Must have a home or cellular telephone and if not must get one within three weeks of starting the position.
  7. Requires good interpersonal communication skills to direct employees and work with customers.
  8. Must be able to pay attention to detail, cope with pressure and remain calm when stressful situations arise.
General Responsibilities:
  1. Ensure customer satisfaction.
  2. Provide excellence in quality, service, cleanliness, and hospitality.
  3. Create and maintain a positive and cooperative atmosphere among employees and customers.
  4. Enforces all safety rules, policies, and procedures.
Job Training: Normally, one to two years required to gain job knowledge. Job normally performed under general supervision. Position requires continuous customer and employee contacts.Decision Making Responsibilities: Manages all aspects of restaurant operations; hires, counsels and trains employees; ensures adherence to policies and procedures, and safety program.Working Conditions: Work area temperature may be extreme and noise level may be high at times.Consequence Of Errors: Dissatisfied customers and employees, loss of revenue. Key Activities:
  1. Assists with budget decisions and implementation.
  2. Ensures adequate staffing within the restaurant.
  3. Follows specified procedures for inventory control.
  4. Provides employee training, emphasizing CHAMPS and the Taco Bell LAST system.
  5. Performs employee performance reviews and counseling.
  6. Works as a team member to assure constant and consistent customer satisfaction through CHAMPS.
  7. Quickly prepares customers' orders according to specifications and with the highest possible quality.
  8. Prioritizes work load, always serving customers first, then maintaining dining room, and then maintaining work area.
  9. Operates all kitchen equipment.
  10. Acknowledges and speaks to customers when possible in a friendly and courteous manner.
  11. Reports any needed equipment and/or facilities repair to the Maintenance Department.

Deciding whether to apply for the job requires careful consideration of the job posting. If you are excited about this job opportunity and feel that you meet the qualifications, please submit your application. Submitting an accurate and complete job application is a sign of professionalism and commitment to excellence. We want to ensure that this job is a good fit for you before you commit to submitting an application.