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Seasonal Animal Keeper - Carnivore & Pinniped

Blank Park Zoo
Des Moines
High School

To qualify for this job opening, it is necessary that you have completed High School. The employer is willing to consider candidates from outside of Des Moines, as long as they are willing to relocate if offered the job. Blank Park Zoo is hiring for internship roles, but ensure that the job description and requirements align with your skills and experience before applying. April 3, 2024 is when the job opportunity for Seasonal Animal Keeper - Carnivore & Pinniped was posted, and it will expire on May 1, 2024. The employer's non-disclosure of salary means that you can negotiate based on the company's commitment to employee volunteerism and community involvement. This job requires the worker to physically work from Des Moines , IA , Des Moines , IA.

Blank Park Zoo

The Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa is a non-profit organization and home to more than 2,800 animals representing nearly 240 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish, and is fully accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The mission of the Blank Park Zoo is to inspire an appreciation of the natural world through conservation, education, research and recreation.

Seasonal Animal Keeper - Carnivore & Pinniped

The Carnivore and Pinniped team cares for a diverse group of animals including African Lion, Amur Tiger, Snow Leopard, California Sea Lion, Harbor Seal, Magellanic Penguin, North American River Otter, Ring-tailed Lemur, Black and White Ruffed Lemur, and White-handed Gibbon. Prior animal husbandry experience in a zoological setting is preferred. The qualified candidate will be an outgoing and dynamic person that works well individually and as part of a team. Previous experience and skill level may determine the selected candidate’s ability to work around dangerous animals.  

Essential Functions

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform these essential functions.

  • Provides for husbandry needs of all animals in care by participating in daily cleaning, diet preparation, feeding, enrichment, and daily observations.
  • Responsible for daily observation of animal health and welfare. Reports abnormal behavior and problems to area supervisor. Maintains accurate records of animal collection daily.
  • Cooperate and assist with veterinary treatments and instructions, which may include safely working free-contact situations.
  • Participate in membership programs including tours, presentations, and lectures.
  • Adheres to established animal handling, neonate, and related safety protocols. Participates in established animal escape drills and procedures. Under supervision captures, restrains, and transports animals.
  • Performs minor repairs and improvements of exhibits under supervision
  • Identifies and communicates with maintenance repairs needed for the safety of animals, visitors, and staff as well as overall upkeep of the facilities.


  • Resourceful – Understanding of or can research all applicable topics as they relate to modern zoological management, operations of an attraction and customer service.
  • Flexible – Ability to handle a flexible workload with a variety of assignments while also maintain composure in an environment that can be stressful.
  • Independent – Must be able to operate independently, exercise initiative and demonstrate capacity for detail and follow-up.
  • Positive – Must be a positive, effective team member and be able to establish professional working relationships.
  • Communicator – Communicates clearly, both verbal and written. Effective listening skills.
  • Critical Thinker – Ability to make decisions while under pressure or solve complex problems that arise daily.
  • Innovative – Ability to propose solutions to areas of concern as related to animal care.
  • Efficient – Ability to complete task in a thorough but quick manner.
  • Customer-oriented – Always exercises professional customer service skills. Interacts with m many different types of people and situations.
  • Team Player – Collaborates with area supervisor and team to achieve common husbandry goals.

Supervisory/Management Responsibilities


Work Environment

While performing the duties of the job, the incumbent is regularly required to stand, walk on even terrain, climb, and utilize manual dexterity to use various tools, machines, and equipment. The incumbent is regularly exposed to all types of weather conditions including extreme heat and cold, snow, hail, wind, and rain. Most of the job tasks are completed outside. Cares for dangerous animals.  Some work is required in small and/or confined spaces.  Incumbents are exposed to noisy environments such as mowers and motors. 

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You may attached a cover letter and resume to the application if you wish. 

Blank Park Zoo
7401 SW 9th Street
Des Moines, IA 50315
Phone: 515.285.4722


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