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Sales Associate


Although the job is primarily located in Elizabethtown, the company may be open to considering candidates from other areas or remote workers who meet the qualifications. January 19, 2024 marked the release of the job opportunity for Sales Associate, which will be inaccessible after April 18, 2024. Not knowing the salary, you can negotiate based on the company's approach to employee work-life harmony and mental well-being. Before making a decision, take a moment to consider whether full time work aligns with your goals.

Benefits & Perks:
  • Daily Pay option!
  • No Experience Needed!
    • 401K & Special deals for friends & family members too!
  • Employment growth opportunities
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Competitive Bonus Plan.
  • Employee discount on products and services.
  • Anniversary gifts for years of service.
  • Fun environment with contests and incentives for performance.
  • Wellness program- limited reimbursements for approved wellness products & services.
  • Wellness-focused Facebook group that runs fun wellness challenges, games, and prizes!
  • Exclusive discounts at outside retailers.

Company Overview
Sun Tan City is one of the largest family-owned tanning salon chains in the country with approximately 250 salons in 20 states. It’s the cornerstone of the Glow Brands family which includes Sun Tan City, Planet Fitness, and Buff City Soap, and is headquartered in Louisville & Elizabethtown Kentucky. The company manages over 350 locations and employs over 2200 individuals.
We provide products, services, and knowledge-based recommendations through trusted friendly client relationships that help our clients look good, feel good, and build confidence in themselves and who they are.
Glow Brands are filled with enthusiastic, fun employees who are passionate about our brands. You’ll love working in a positive environment where coworkers become friends. You’ll learn valuable skills you can use throughout your career, with opportunities for advancement and leadership. We provide excellent benefits for all Full Time & Part TimeEmployees.

Before you apply for any job online, take the necessary precautions to ensure that the job posting is legitimate and not a scam. Don't provide your personal bank account information in response to job postings without first verifying their legitimacy. Speak to the company directly to verify that the job is real and that they are hiring for the position. Legitimate employers will typically follow standard hiring practices and conduct interviews in person or over the phone. If a job posting requires payment for anything, it's likely a scam. Don't be fooled by job postings that use vague or generic language to describe the job or company, as these may not provide enough information to determine the legitimacy of the job posting. Always verify the legitimacy of a company and job posting before providing any personal information or submitting an application. Be wary of job postings that require you to pay a fee or provide financial information before you can apply. Before applying for any job, research the company's organizational structure and reporting lines to ensure that it's a well-organized and efficient organization.

Job Summary
Are you looking for a high energy job where you can share ideas and recommendations with your teammates and clientele? Where your hard work is rewarded with bonus and growth opportunities? Then Sun Tan City might be a perfect fit for you!

Task and Responsibilities:
Responsibilities and essential job functions include but are not limited to the following:
  • Basic Computer skills and knowledge.
  • Provide excellent customer service by ensuring all your clients’ needs are met and are treated professionally.
  • Ability to properly engage with all clients by building good relationships and understanding and meeting their needs as a client.
  • Ability to make recommendations for products and services.
  • Ability to maintain the minimum sales requirements.
  • Ability to multi-task such as cleaning beds as clients leave and engaging new clients upon their arrival.
  • Assists with maintaining cleanliness of salon tanning rooms, lobby area, restrooms, laundry, and storage areas.
  • Ability to work cohesively with a team in an upbeat and fast-paced salon environment while upholding all company policies and procedures.
Physical Requirements:
  • Ability to stand and walk for long periods of time.
  • Ability to bend at the waist to clean tanning equipment.
  • Ability to lift or assist in lifting items and heavy boxes.
  • Ability to bend down to pick up trash, towels, etc. from the floors.
  • Ability to perform salon cleaning functions including dusting, sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, etc.

Before making any commitments, ensure you've read the job posting carefully and have all the necessary qualifications. Please make sure to carefully evaluate if this job aligns with your personal and professional goals before applying. We encourage individuals who have carefully reviewed this job posting and feel that they are a strong candidate to apply. Don't let the desire to submit your application quickly lead to careless mistakes and inaccuracies – take the time to do it right. Similarly, offers other job vacancies that might interest you.