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Appointment Setter - #WFH


The job offer of Appointment Setter - #WFH has been available since January 16, 2024, and it will be closed on April 15, 2024. If you're looking for a job that allows you to have more control over your income, full time work might be a good option. Despite the job being in Glen, it is a remote job that provides the flexibility to work from any location that you choose. You can negotiate your salary with the employer based on the company's track record for employee recognition and rewards.

  • Work from anywhere on the West Coast
  • Flexible hours crossing 3 international time zones
  • World-class lead generation machine

Our truly amazing, difference-making client, Dent Global, develops entrepreneurs who stand out, scale up and make a positive impact in the world.

But before we tell you more about them... let's focus on you.

Yeah, sure, you can sell to entrepreneurs and founders looking to hit hyper-drive. But it's the hyper-drive piece that grabs you, right? You just love playing that match-maker role between dreams... possibility... and guts 'n' all commitment. You're a seer and a connector. You're a potential-whisperer.


Well... since 2010, Dent Global has run world leading business accelerators and events that capture hearts and minds and result in dreams realised. Over 3000 companies have been through their accelerator programme - including us here at Justified Talent - throughout the UK, the USA, Singapore and Australia.

Dent have partnered with celebrated entrepreneurs and leaders to mentor participants of their programmes. They provide access to industry best-practices, resources, funding... and an elite network of contacts. It's a multi-award winning organisation including the "BRW Fast Starter 100", the "Power 100 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the UK" and an "Excellence in Training & Development Award" to name but a few. They are regularly mentioned in local and international media, have several best-selling business books in the stable and have massive followership on The Dent Podcast.

And this... this is YOUR invitation to say hi and potentially join the team as one of Dent's tip-of-the-spear Appointment Setters.

So, who are you?

You're a seasoned, polished and very experienced B2B telesales pro. But more importantly, if you're:

  • A quick and adaptive learner
  • Very articulate and very comfortable discussing business concepts in simple terms
  • Goal and outcomes-focused, yet methodical. You have loads of commitment when it comes to achieving your personal and professional objectives, yet your style is very nurturing
  • Comfortable asserting your professional opinion without being overly dominant. You have presence
  • Moderately extroverted and sociable and happy with talking to loads of new prospects consistently, every day
  • A follower of policies and procedures yet can still be 'creative' in the moment, in order to progress or secure an opportunity
  • 'Cautiously optimistic' - you ask good deep challenging questions and you're not led astray easily by prospects
  • A natural self-leader who displays initiative and 'takes ownership'
  • A strong fact-based person who also calls on their intuition if the facts don't stack up. A logical seller who can read people

Keep reading - because that's how their best in this role are hardwired.

Before proceeding with your job search online, make sure to keep these crucial factors in mind to avoid scams and fraudulent job postings. Be careful of job postings that ask you to submit sensitive information like your Social Security number or driver's license. If an employer requires you to pay a fee to process your job application, it is likely a scam. Your intuition can often tell you whether or not a job posting is legitimate, so trust your instincts. Be cautious of job postings that request interviews via text or email. Don't hesitate to contact the company directly to verify the job is real and the position is available. Before applying for any job, make sure to research the company thoroughly to verify its authenticity and credibility. Beware of job postings that ask you to use your personal bank account for payroll or any other reason. Protect yourself from identity theft by being cautious with personal information.

The gig

Maybeyou've heard of the best-selling book "Key Person of Influence". Maybe you've seen some of Glen Carlson's or Daniel Priestley's content online... that's what you'll be promoting. Potential membership of The Key Person of Influence Accelerator programme. Simple. You'll be conducting multiple preliminary 15-minute diagnostic calls with prospects to prime them for Senior Advisor meetings. You'll be the strategic operator within the heart of Dent's sales funnel. Your mission is to qualify, cultivate, and transform inbound leads into scheduled appointments, feeding Dent's Senior Sales Advisors' diaries with top-tier prospects. You will become the linchpin between their marketing brilliance and sales excellence, maintaining a steady pulse on lead quality and sales readiness.

You'll be speaking with business owners across the North American, UK and Australian markets.

There's a massive database to call upon, and you'll have highly qualified leads coming in. You'll then talk through their goals, dreams, and aspirations. You'll qualify whether they meet the selection criteria - few do. And then you'll gain commitment to join a deeper discovery call with a Senior sales Advisor.

Why would you?

  • Dent's values are to Be brave, Have fun and Make a Dent (in the Universe)
  • You'll get to talk, every single day, with some of the most passionate, aspirational and committed entrepreneurs in the world!
  • You'll be part of a culture which has a strong focus on philanthropy and is a force for good
  • You'll be representing a programme and ethos which is unparalleled in its results
  • You'll thrive in one of the most powerful cultures of both accountability and celebration
  • You'll be making great money
  • You'll be the gateway to excellence
  • It's a home-based role and can function from anywhere in the UK
  • There's a base of $45K and you'll also earn bonuses taking you well into $60K+ uncapped.
  • Genuine potential to double, even triple your income

This really does represent an amazing opportunity, to join an amazing business, with an amazing culture and to play a part in the entrepreneurial journey of founders committed to making a difference.

Interested? You know you are!
Click Apply Now, build your profile, answer some Yes/No questions about your background and then take a quick self-assessment that will give us insights into your nature. No need for a resume or cover letter!

Dent Global is an Equal Opportunity employer and welcomes applications from all suitably experienced individuals.

(EVERY application will be responded to. EVERY applicant will know the outcome of their application. Because we're Justified Talent)

Please note, we are located in Australia, so some of our responses to you will be outside of your normal working hours. All interviews will be held online and in your PST timezone.

Before applying, ensure you have a clear understanding of the job's travel requirements, based on the information in the posting. Please make sure to carefully evaluate your skills and experience before applying for this job. In the world of job applications, accuracy and completeness are more important than speed. We are excited to receive applications from individuals who are passionate about this job opportunity and can fulfill the responsibilities. Additionally, if this job vacancy isn't a good fit, has many other job vacancies to consider.