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Nurse Aide (Transport Escort)

High School

December 19, 2023 is when the job opening for Nurse Aide (Transport Escort) was advertised, and it will be closed on March 18, 2024. The company has a job opening in Harlem, but may consider candidates from other areas or remote workers who meet the qualifications. You have the possibility to negotiate your salary with the employer based on the company's approach to employee recognition and rewards. full time work can provide an opportunity to work with a variety of clients and projects. One of the essential requirements for this job is that you have passed High School.

About NYC Health + Hospitals

NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan is the community hospital of choice for residents of East Harlem, northern Manhattan, and neighboring communities. The hospital provides culturally-sensitive care in a welcoming and hospitable setting, emphasizing primary care medicine and utilizing the latest advances in medical science. Metropolitan delivers high quality health services with compassion, dignity, and respect to all, without exception. Since its founding in 1875, the hospital has been affiliated with New York Medical College, representing the oldest partnership between a hospital and a private medical school in the United States. Metropolitan is a part of the NYC Health + Hospitals, the largest municipal hospital and health care system in the country.

At NYC Health + Hospitals, our mission is to deliver high quality care health services, without exception. Every employee takes a person-centered approach that exemplifies the ICARE values (Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence) through empathic communication and partnerships between all persons.

Work Shifts

Tour 2 - 9 AM - 5 PM

Job Description

1. Report to the Patient escort office at the beginning of the assigned tour.

2. Receive assignments from the tour dispatcher/designee.

3. Introduce self to the patient, check the identification band, explain the nature of the trip, and escort the patient to and from the nursing service until the receiving department assumes responsibility for the patient.

4. Transport the patient by wheelchair, stretcher, crib, bed end escort ambulatory patients Including those with intravenous apparatus to and from various nursing units, x-ray, scheduled therapies, clinics, discharges, and religious centers within the hospital.

5. Return medical equipment, and apparatus used during transportation of patient.

8. Transport bodies, fetuses, and amputated parts placing them in the morgue tray as necessary.

7. Perform duties of the NATE in admitting office, when necessary.

8, Accompany the discharged patients from the units to the discharge/property office and to the pharmacy for medication,

then to their appropriate mode of transportation.

9. Accompany all patients over the age of four years old.

10. Should not leave the assigned post at the end of their tour unless relieved or authorized.

11. Maintain Activity Log sheet with all requests received with the following:

a) Time Dispatched b) MR# c) From Unit d) To Unit e) Patient Wearing ID Bandf) 2 patient identifiers g) Receiving Unit h) Received by I) Time received

Patient’s Chart

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1. Maintain control of the patient’s chart and release the same only to the authorized hospital personnel. Under no circumstance should the chart be given to the patient or placed on the patient's lap.

2. Pick up the chart end deliver it to the appropriate destination.

3. Pick up and deliver telegrams and other patient-related information to the appropriate place.


1. Deliver stat and routine specimens to the laboratory. 2. Pick up blood for transfusion when Instructed.

Dietary Department

1. Deliver dietary slips to the dietary department when necessary

Stretchers & Wheel Chairs

1. Collect wheelchairs, stretchers and place them in the proper place.

2. The availability, cleanliness, and general upkeep of wheelchairs and stretchers at all times.

3. Reporting of faulty equipment


1. Assist the nursing staff In:

a) Placing the patient in and out of bed/chair/stretcher/wheelchair, etc. b) Positioning patients on examining tables Minimum Qualifications

Elementary school graduation or equivalent ability to effectively communicate with patients; Ability to keep simple clinical records.

How To Apply

If you wish to apply for this position, please apply online by clicking the "Apply Now" button. In addition, you can submit your resume to [email protected] with the Job Title and Job ID # of the job posting that you applied to in the subject line of the email.

NYC Health and Hospitals offers a competitive benefits package that includes:

  • Comprehensive Health Benefits for employees hired to work 20+ hrs. per week
  • Retirement Savings and Pension Plans
  • Loan Forgiveness Programs for eligible employees
  • Paid Holidays and Vacation in accordance with employees' Collectively bargained contracts
  • College tuition discounts and professional development opportunities
  • Multiple employee discounts programs

If you have carefully analyzed this job vacancy, now is the time to make a decision whether to apply. We encourage you to carefully consider if this job aligns with your career goals before submitting an application. We are excited to receive applications from individuals who are committed to fulfilling the responsibilities and expectations of this job. Remember, your job application is your chance to make a great first impression – make sure that it's accurate, complete, and well-crafted.