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Service Champion

B&G Food Enterprises (Taco Bell)

Although this job is based in Houma, the employer is open to considering applicants from anywhere in the world who meet the required qualifications. Ensure that your application is submitted before the expiration date as B&G Food Enterprises (Taco Bell), the recruiter for this job vacancy, does not entertain late submissions. The employer does not disclose the salary, so negotiating it is an option. The job offer for Service Champion was released on May 14, 2024, and it will expire on June 11, 2024. The work will happen at 1107 GRAND CAILLOU RD, Houma, LA, Houma, LA.

The Taco Bell Service Champion is the first face that customers see when they walk through the door or first voice they hear when they place a drive-thru order so YOU will set the tone for the Taco Bell customer experience and bring the great Taco Bell tastes to life. Your role as a Service Champion is to feed people's lives with Más. You'll feed customers with great tasting food and provide great service so our customers keep coming back! You're a representation of the brand in everything you do.This is a very important job for a friendly, helpful individual who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and paying attention to detail. Key responsibilities include taking orders or preparing food, assisting in resolving any service or food issues, maintaining food-safety standards and maintaining a clean, safe work and dining environment.A successful candidate will have a clean and tidy appearance, good work habits and a positive attitude. If you want to build a great career while providing fast, fun and friendly service to our customers, Taco Bell is the place to learn, grow and succeed!Service Champion Responsibilities:
  • Front Counter / Drive Thru
  • Greet Customers in the Restaurant
  • Take Orders
  • Handle Payment and thank Customers
  • Maintain a clean, safe working and dining environment
  • Be knowledgeable about Menu Items and Promotions
  • Training and Development

Company: B&G Food Enterprises

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Location: 1107 GRAND CAILLOU RD, Houma, LA
Job Category: Team Member

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