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Herpetology and Entomology Supervisor

Houston Zoo
High School

This job opportunity is open to candidates who live in Houston, as well as those who are willing to relocate for the position. internship work is available at Houston Zoo. This job vacancy mandates that you have passed High School to be considered for the position. The employer's non-disclosure of salary means that you can negotiate based on the company's training and development opportunities. The job opportunity for the Herpetology and Entomology Supervisor position was listed on April 30, 2024 and will be closed on May 28, 2024. The location for this position is Houston , TX , Houston , TX.

Houston Zoo

Herpetology and Entomology Supervisor

The Houston Zoo is seeking a Supervisor of Herpetology and Entomology to oversee the activities of keeper staff assigned to the physical area.   The ideal candidate has proven experience with coaching and leading keepers providing ongoing counsel and direction regarding animal husbandry.   This supervisor will have working experience with a large variety of reptile, amphibian, and terrestrial arthropod species, including potentially dangerous animals such as crocodilians, large and/or venomous lizards, snakes, and venomous arthropods.   Experience in training techniques for reptiles, is highly desired.  

Our Mission:  Houston Zoo connects communities with animals, inspiring action to save wildlife. 

Our Vision:  Houston Zoo will be a leader in the global movement to save wildlife. 


Job Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Directs personnel, including volunteers, in the care, maintenance, and display of domestic and exotic animals 
  • Interviews recommends hiring, pay changes, and recommends and administers disciplinary actions 
  • Directs, organizes, prioritizes, and schedules work assignments within the section  
  • Observes and evaluates animal conditions, behaviors, and responses and communicates observations orally and on written reports 
  • Improves the quality of life of the animal population by providing environmental and behavioral enrichment opportunities 
  • Trains selected animals through operant conditioning for purposes of gaining cooperation for veterinary treatment and/or public demonstrations 
  • Design and maintain exhibit furnishings, props, and decorations providing safe, attractive, and enriching environments 
  • Participates in the development of educational programming and materials to communicate with and educate visitors about animals and conservation 
  • Provides direct animal care as needed for the health and well-being of animals within assigned areas 
  • In collaboration with the Curator and Veterinary staff, administers medication as directed 
  • Able to capture, handle, or shift animals of all taxonomic groups represented at the zoo 
  • Problem solves or makes decisions affecting animals, their exhibits, and/or associated facilities 
  • Maintains qualified firearms status 
  • Supervises a small team of animal care staff. Represents the animal department as a key decision-maker in the absence of a senior manager 

Education and Experience: 

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  • Associate degree or two years of college-level education (60 semester credit hours) in zoology, biology, animal husbandry or a related field of which 24 semester hours must be credit hours in life sciences or physical sciences 
  • A certificate of completion from an acceptable animal care program of not less than 30 semester hours may be substituted for 30 hours of college hours 
  • Experience with a large variety of reptile, amphibian, and terrestrial arthropod species, including potentially dangerous animals such as crocodilians, large and/or venomous lizards and snakes, and venomous arthropods. 
  • Experience in training techniques for reptiles. 
  • Four years of experience in exotic animal care in a zoological facility; or equivalent experience at the rate of six months of experience per 15 hours of college level credit 
  • A certificate of completion from an acceptable animal care program may be substituted for one year of exotic animal care experience 
  • In certain positions, specific training and work experience in zoological, aqua cultural, ecological, and biological areas such as in schools, aquariums, nature centers, agricultural operations, animal merchandising and conservation centers may be substituted for direct exotic animal care in a zoological facility 


The Houston Zoo is made up of many moving parts with over 6,000 permanent residents (our animals) for whom we provide housing, meals, medical care, and, yes, even education! There are over 2 million guests each year who come to experience our incredible variety of animals and ecosystems, as well as attend special private and public events and entertainment. Our dedicated staff works around the clock to ensure that the Zoo is always running smoothly for the safety and well-being of our residents and guests. We strive to ensure the protection of all the counterparts of the animals we have at the Zoo and in the wild.  

Join the Houston Zoo and become a part of an organization that is focused on the preservation of wildlife and their habitats by combining conservation with education and the promotion of sustainable livelihoods in the local communities.  Houston Zoo is an Equal Opportunity Employer 

How to Apply

Careers Page,

Houston Zoo
6200 Hermann Park Dr
Houston, TX 77030
Phone: 7135336617

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