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Team Member: Food Champion

Diversified Restaurant Group, LLC (Taco Bell)
Kansas City
High School 16 Year

The employer's non-disclosure of salary means that you can negotiate your salary based on your potential and future performance. When applying for internship jobs with Diversified Restaurant Group, LLC (Taco Bell), ensure that the work structure and expectations align with your career goals. The employer is open to receiving applications from candidates who live outside of Kansas City, as long as they are willing to relocate. Work experience in the same field for at least 192 months is mandatory for this job. This job vacancy mandates that you have passed High School to apply for the position. April 2, 2024 is when the job opportunity for Team Member: Food Champion was posted, and it will expire on April 30, 2024. The job location for this vacancy is 13111 State Line Rd., Kansas City, MO, Kansas City, MO.

Starting wage of up to $14.30 / hour is based on availability and experience!DRG is looking for energetic, enthusiastic individuals to join our team as Team Members! A Team Member is someone who enjoys people and is excited about working on a winning team! They come to work with a Positive, Can Do Attitude! Everyday!Diversified Restaurant Group is a people first company! We pride ourselves on being a large company with a small company feel. Every person that works here is part of the DRG Family! What started as a 30-unit Taco Bell business in 2012, has since grown into a 240+ unit, multi-brand operation. DRG currently operates Taco Bell restaurants in California, Kansas, Missouri, and Nevada along with Arby's restaurants in Alaska, California, and Nevada. We have more than 6,000 team members and continue to grow every day!Our CORE Values are simple:
TeamworkWhat will YOU do?
This position plays a critical role in building brand and customer loyalty.
Greet customers inside the restaurant and Drive Thru in a friendly manner.
Take and ring orders, and handle payments.
Prepare and properly hold food for service.
Assemble food items and make drinks quickly and efficiently.

It's essential to take some necessary steps when applying for jobs online to ensure that you find legitimate job postings and avoid scams. Conducting research on the company is an important step in the job search process to ensure that it's a legitimate and trustworthy organization. Stay alert for any signs of a potential scam, such as requests for personal information or money upfront, or unusual payment methods. Avoid job postings that require you to provide your personal bank account information for any type of transactions. Be cautious of job postings that require you to sign up for additional services or subscriptions to be considered for a job, as these are often signs of a fraudulent opportunity. If you are unsure about the legitimacy of a job posting or potential employer, seek advice from a trusted friend, family member, or professional counselor. If an employer insists on conducting an interview through text or email, it may be a scam. Keep in mind that any job posting that requires you to pay money is likely not legitimate. Make sure that the job posting is genuine and the company is hiring by contacting them directly for confirmation.

Ensure orders served to guests are correct.
Maintain a clean and safe work environment, in both lobby, kitchen, and outdoor areas.
Follow all policies and procedures regarding food safety, job duties and code of conduct.
Punctual and flexible in maintaining hours of employment.
Maintain a clean and tidy appearance and work habits.Who will you be working with?Primary service relationships with outside customers; team building relationships with co-workers and appropriate working relationships with other internal visitors and vendors. Are you Qualified for the job?
Education: Basic math & reading skills.
Experience: 16 years or older.
Ability to work flexible hours.
Must maintain current Health Card or Work Permits according to state or local requirements. Disclaimer: You are applying to Diversified Restaurant Group, a franchisee of Taco Bell and Arby's Corp. If hired, the franchisee will be your only employer. Franchisees are independent business owners who set their own wage and benefit programs that can vary among franchisees.

Company: Diversified Restaurant Group, LLC
Location: 13111 State Line Rd., Kansas City, MO
Job Category: Team Member

To avoid any confusion or misunderstandings, read the job posting carefully before applying. If you are confident in your ability to fulfill the responsibilities and expectations of this job, we welcome you to apply. Recruiters are looking for candidates who take the time to submit well-crafted, error-free job applications. If you have any reservations about this job posting, please take the time to evaluate them before submitting an application. Additionally, there are other job vacancies on that offer a different career path but match your interests.