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Assistant Director of Academics

Postgraduate Degree 2 Year

The employer's lack of disclosure of salary means that you have bargaining power. To be considered for this job, you must have at least 24 months of experience in the same field. This job vacancy requires that you have a minimum qualification of Postgraduate Degree. The job opportunity for the Assistant Director of Academics position has been published since January 6, 2024 and will come to an end on April 1, 2024. Although the job is based in Lead, the company may accept applications from candidates living elsewhere who possess the necessary skills. If you're seeking a work arrangement that offers more freedom and autonomy, full time work might be a good option.


The Assistant Director of Academics works closely with the Head of School to provide oversight for curriculum and instruction through leadership, coordination, and facilitation related to development and implementation, ensuring each LanguageBird student receives the best educational experience. This position supports and advances Academic Department and school-wide initiatives. Parent and student and faculty and staff questions and needs may be escalated to the Assistant Director of Academics to be addressed. The position is responsible for the Academic Department contractors and their work and manages and supervises those employees whose scope of work falls under curriculum and instruction within the Academic Department.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Maintain and enhance a system for instructor hiring, onboarding, training, professional development and evaluation.
  • Lead class observation process.
  • Ensure professional development workshops are held in accordance with the set calendar and maintain and update Professional Development Workshop Library.
  • Provide regular support and specialized training for Department Heads, Curriculum Coordinators, Department Mentors, and Leads.
  • Managed contracted work and manage instructional staff, being proactive in addressing professional needs and issues.
  • Manage and contribute towards curriculum development initiatives, including creation, implementation, and evaluation, ensuring that all curriculum aligns with LanguageBird’s instructional philosophy, ACTFL standards, and meets students’ needs.
  • Ensure instructional and curriculum-related updates and operational improvements are communicated effectively across multiple platforms including newsletters and meetings.
  • Keep abreast of changes in state, national, and international developments in language learning.
  • Participate in professional development trainingto enhance knowledge and skills connected to LanguageBird’s instructional philosophy and programming.
  • Be an expert in academic problem-solving and situation management.
  • Field and respond to questions, comments, and needs from across the school community responding in a professional, timely, and effective manner.
  • Collect and use data to drive decision-making.
  • Work with the LanguageBird administrative team and Academic Department towards accreditation goals and visits (e.g. WASC, Cognia).
  • Collaborate with the Head of School on new projects, new program offerings, and new systems and processes.

It's essential to keep in mind some vital factors when applying for jobs online to avoid being scammed. If an employer requests payment from you for any reason, it's likely a scam. A company that insists on conducting job interviews via text or email may not be reputable. Protect yourself from identity theft by being cautious when sharing personal information with potential employers. Your intuition can often tell you whether or not a job posting is legitimate, so trust your instincts. Never give your personal bank account information to a potential employer through a job posting. Don't be swayed by job postings that use flashy language or promise unrealistic benefits, as they are often scams or fraudulent opportunities. Reach out to the employer directly to validate the job posting and its legitimacy. To avoid working for a company that doesn't have a good reputation, research the organization before applying for any job. To avoid any potential harm, check that you are on the legitimate website before proceeding.

Competencies (job-related): Honest, organized, follows-through on commitments, persistent, proactive, ability to hire and develop A players, calm under pressure, strategic and critical thinker, strong listening skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong presentation and meeting facilitation skills, influential, knowledgeable, entrepreneurial, and energetic.

Competencies (cultural):
Intelligent, creative, ability to handle a fast-paced environment, adaptable, continuous learner committed to self-improvement, passionate, enthusiastic, engaging, personable, positive, confident.

Other key qualifications:

  • Must reside in and be eligible to work in the United States of America.
  • Master’s Degree in Education or equivalent required.
  • Experience with world language instruction and ACTFL standards preferred.
  • Track record of strong leadership and management of a team (minimum 2 years).
  • Deep respect for teaching and learning.
  • Ability to prioritize and manage complex projects with multiple deadlines.
  • Ability to think critically, problem-solve, backwards plan, analyze, and use data.
  • Must be able to travel by air or motor vehicle to conferences, trainings, and meetings as needed/required.

Take the time to read the entire job posting before making any decisions. Please only apply for this job if you are certain that you can fulfill the responsibilities and expectations. We welcome applications from individuals who are fully committed to meeting the responsibilities of this job. Don't let the pressure to submit your application quickly cause you to overlook important details – accuracy is the priority.