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Jira Administrator


The salary not being exposed by the employer means that you can negotiate based on the company's employee benefits and perks. full time work can offer a variety of opportunities and challenges - are you up for it? March 12, 2024 is when the Jira Administrator job opening was made available, and it will close on June 10, 2024. This job is in Lead, but since it's a remote position, you have the flexibility to work from any location that's convenient for you.


Trissential is a trusted partner for end-to-end quality services and management consulting for digital transformation. As a part of our parent company, Expleo, we are a global organization partnering with major corporations and leading non-profits in over 30 countries. Guided by our mission and values, Trissential puts people at the heart of our organization.

Trissential is currently seeking a Jira Administrator to join our dynamic team in Minneapolis, MN (Remote).


Position Summary:

As a Jira Administrator, you'll leverage your expertise in Atlassian Jira, Jira Align, Confluence, and an array of plug-ins and integrations to drive efficiency and innovation. As a key member of the team, you'll assess and optimize client usage of agile tools, crafting comprehensive best practice documentation to propel future success. Your role will be instrumental in delivering tailored training sessions, empowering our team with the skills they need to excel. With a commitment to ongoing support and collaboration, you'll play a vital role in fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning. If you're passionate about maximizing the potential of agile tools and enjoy facilitating growth within a dynamic environment, we invite you to join us and make a lasting impact.

Key Responsibilities:

Assess current client usage of various agile tools:

  • Conduct comprehensive audits of the client's current agile toolset, identifying gaps in usage and areas for optimization.
  • Analyze the alignment of tool usage with agile methodologies and project management practices to identify discrepancies.
  • Provide detailed reports on findings, including usage patterns, adoption rates, and recommendations for improving efficiency and productivity.

Document recommended future best practices.

  • Develop clear and concise documentation outlining best practices for the use of agile tools, tailored to the client's specific needs and objectives.
  • Include guidelines for configurations, integrations, and usage strategies that enhance collaboration, reporting, and project management.
  • Ensure thedocumentation is accessible and user-friendly, incorporating visuals and step-by-step instructions to facilitate understanding and implementation.

Administration and Support:

  • Administer and manage Atlassian product suite, ensuring system reliability and efficiency.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and upgrades of Atlassian tools.
  • Offer technical support and troubleshoot issues as they arise.

Best Practice Advisory:

Before you start your job search online, make sure to remember these vital factors to avoid scams and fraudulent job postings. Only provide necessary personal information to potential employers. It's not safe to use your personal bank account for job postings, so be wary of any that require it. Contact the company directly to confirm that the job posting is legitimate and that they are hiring for the role. Be wary of job postings that make unrealistic promises or seem too good to be true. Employers who only conduct interviews over text or email may not be reputable, so it's important to verify their authenticity. Before accepting any job offer, research the company thoroughly to ensure that it's a reputable and reliable organization. Watch out for job postings that require you to purchase or rent equipment or supplies without proper explanation or reimbursement, as these are often signs of a fraudulent opportunity.

  • Advise on best practices for Atlassian tool usage and process improvements.
  • Conduct training sessions and workshops for internal teams.
  • Stay updated with the latest Atlassian features and updates to leverage new functionalities.
  • Demonstrating how Atlassian tools can support agile practices in a heavily regulated healthcare environment

Collaboration and Leadership:

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand needs and deliver solutions.
  • Lead and mentor junior team members in Atlassian tool usage and best practices.
  • Engage in strategic planning to enhance tool capabilities in line with business growth.


Soft Skills:

  • Strong problem-solving, analytical, and technical skills, adept at resolving issues under pressure.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities, skilled at presenting complex information clearly and negotiating effectively across all levels.
  • Collaborative and consultative, fostering team unity and personal development.
  • Leadership qualities that guide teams through fast-paced, complex situations with agility.
  • Exceptional organizational skills, prioritizing customer satisfaction and quality while efficiently managing multiple priorities and adapting to new challenges.


Atlassian certifications are a plus:

  • Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator for Data Center and Server (ACP-JA)
  • Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator for Cloud (ACP-JCA)
  • Atlassian Certified Confluence Administrator (ACP-CA)
  • Atlassian Certified in Agile Development with Jira Software (ACP-JSW)


Trissential offers a competitive hourly rate for the Jira Administrator, ranging between $65 to $75 per hour on a full time (40 hours per week) basis, or salaried up to $140k annually. Employees working full time are eligible for benefits including company sponsored health care, accrued paid time away from work, and 401k with matching.

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $65.00 - $75.00 per hour

Expected hours: 40 per week

Work Location: Remote

The job posting provides all the necessary information to make a well-informed decision about the job. We are excited to receive applications from individuals who are enthusiastic about this job opportunity and meet the requirements. If you have any hesitations or doubts about this job posting, we encourage you to reach out to us before applying. Rushing to submit your application can lead to careless mistakes and oversights that can hurt your chances of being hired. However, you might want to explore other job vacancies on that match your interests and experience.