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In-House Full Stack Developer for Time and Attendance/Scheduling

Los Angeles

This job opportunity is open to candidates who are based in Los Angeles, as well as those who live elsewhere and are willing to relocate. If you're looking for a job that allows you to have more control over your income, full time work might be a good option. Not knowing the salary, you can negotiate based on the company's approach to employee work-life balance and mental health. The job vacancy named In-House Full Stack Developer for Time and Attendance/Scheduling was initiated on February 25, 2024, and it will no longer be accessible after May 25, 2024.

********Please be sure to answer all Screening Questions**********

Unique opportunity to help develop a new business by creating and managing time and attendance and scheduling software as well as assist in our service-based companies. Headed by an entrepreneur who oversees two security guard companies, we seek a gifted full stack developer for either part time or full time in Los Angeles. We prefer someone who is also willing to work at one of our LA-based security guard locations and, ideally, has an interest both software development and business operations. An agreed-upon salary with residual commission opportunity.

We seek to develop an automated system that allows HR Departments to easily check-in with their employees so that companies can learn about and hopefully solve any workplace problems, grievances or liabilities. This is achieved through a customizable HR Check-in Message, typically written by Labor Attorneys, accessed online, read by employees who AGREE or DISAGREE to important workplace conditions such as:

* whether they understand Company Policies and Regulations

*whether they have taken mandated meal and rest breaks

*whether they have been paid in full for all regular time, overtime, and sick pay

*whether they have worked off-the-clock work

*whether they feel harassed, discriminated against, or mistreated

*whether they have been injured at the workplace

The HR Check-in Message:

The message could be up to 6,000 characters in length. Usually, it will contain 8 to 15 conditions. Employees could agree either to each condition or, more typically, to the entire statement itself. It's basically just a half page document.


1) easy set-up for clients (businesses), including fast employee onboarding with info to be entered including employee name, employee ID #, phone #, email, department, perhaps a username/password option, notes section

2) Easy employee identification through phone #, username/password and/or email address, IP address...It's important Clients are able to prove which employee 'agreed' or 'disagreed' to the HR Check-In Message. Bear in mind, employees may argue that they never Agreed or that their employer (client) manipulated the HR Message and so this must be considered when devising a system. Two-way verification, username/password, and/or showing email header IP addresses are a few viable waysof 'proving' who agreed or disagreed....

3) easy access and navigation for all Clients and Employees who will be using phones and/or computers...*the HR Check-In Messages should be able to be sent out in bulk or one at a time...

4) Robust and user-friendly storage system which clearly shows:

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a) Those who AGREE will be stored together/filed.

b) Those who DISAGREE will be stored separately than those who AGREE and be prompted to add comments/details as to why they 'Disagree.'

c) Those who do not respond ('non-respondents') will be known, stored/field separately from those who AGREE or DISAGREE and requested, through TEXT and/or EMAIL, to respond to the HR Check-in Message. Texting may require a third party set-up with a service like Twillio

d) Clients/employers/HR Departments will learn of the results of who AGREED, DISAGREED OR DID NOT RESPOND by either accessing the site/app or being sent info.

e) relating to #2, an easy retrieval system for Clients so they can prove each agreement, showing ideally IP, username/password or email address, date, time if possible, HR message(s) agreed to

5) the ability to customize messages and save and retrieve them for each employee, as a group/Department or entire company (note: though most messages will be singular for entire company)

6) client determined dates/times when messages are to be sent and responded to

7) It would be great if time and attendance companies could integrate or hang this system within theirs so that when employees clock-in or clock-out our HR Check-in Message is shown with the same filing storage capability and all other features mentioned above (besides sign-in/user identification) cause the employee is already in their system. Storage retrieval would show username, password, IP that already exists within their system.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: $55,000.00 - $80,000.00 per year


  • 401(k)

Compensation package:

  • Bonus opportunities
  • Yearly bonus


  • 8 hour shift
  • Day shift

Application Question(s):

  • What about this job appeals to you?
  • What hourly rate do you require?
  • What city do you currently live?
  • What hours and days do you prefer working?
  • What related experience do you have developing time and attendance and/or scheduling software?
  • How do you feel about working in a guard capacity while programming and learning about security guard management?


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)

Work Location: In person

It's crucial to consider the potential for collaboration and teamwork within this position. Have you considered this before making a decision? It is important to us that applicants have a clear understanding of the job expectations and responsibilities before applying. We welcome applications from individuals who are fully committed to meeting the responsibilities of this job. Recruiters are looking for candidates who take the time to submit accurate and complete job applications.