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Keeper II- Gorilla Forest

Louisville Zoo
2 Year

Louisville Zoo is seeking full time employees who are results-driven. Negotiating salary with the employer is possible because they do not expose it. The job opportunity for Keeper II- Gorilla Forest was posted on April 23, 2024, and it will end on May 21, 2024. While the job is currently based in Louisville, the employer is open to exploring the possibility of remote work arrangements for qualified candidates who live elsewhere. This job necessitates a minimum of 24 months of experience in the same field. The position requires the employee to work at Louisville , KY , Louisville , KY.

Louisville Zoo

Keeper II- Gorilla Forest

The Louisville Zoo is excited to announce an extremely rare opportunity to join us as a fulltime keeper directly into our award-winning Gorilla Forest habitat! Gorillas, pygmy hippos, and colobus monkeys await!

Gorilla Forest is an innovative, AZA award winning facility designed to permit the routine rotation of gorilla groups through two giant outdoor habitats, three connected 2-stories indoor habitats, numerous behind the scenes bedroom areas and an outdoor, behind-the-scenes gorilla patio spot!  Louisville currently houses bachelors and a family group. In addition, our colobus and pygmy hippos currently have breeding recommendations! Hard to say which is the more compelling, a fluffy white newborn colobus or the little plump Gumby-like hippo calf. Of course, being part of the conservation effort for these threatened and endangered species is the true reward. Cool stuff either way!  

As a huge bonus, Louisville has a small town feel with big city attributes like awesome dining, professional sports, theater, major concert events and more, all surrounded by the natural beauty of forests, rolling hills, caverns, and waterways.   

Successful candidates will possess:

  • An established effort towards the prerequisites that are conducive to a zoo career: completed high school, associates or bachelor’s degree, zoo internships, animal volunteering, seasonal or part-time keeper employment, full-time zoo keeping experience, etc. 
  • Positive and flexible attitude, the ability to follow both firm and fluid instructions, exemplary communications skills, and trustworthy critical thinking ability.
  • Exemplary understanding of animal (primate) behavior motivation, behavior management and operant conditioning application.
  • A strong teamwork outlook with an individual accountability focus.

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Experience Required

2+ years


medical, dental, vision, life insurance, paid time off

How to Apply

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Louisville Zoo
1100 Trevilian Way
Louisville, KY 40213

@Louisville Zoo

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