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Vice Pres of Operations


This position is based in Mentor, but the employer is open to considering candidates from other areas if they meet the necessary qualifications. The employer's lack of disclosure of salary means that you can negotiate based on the company's performance-based bonuses and incentives. January 14, 2024 is when the job vacancy for the Vice Pres of Operations role was advertised, and it will expire on April 4, 2024. full time work can provide a way to build your portfolio and showcase your work to potential clients or employers.

Job Title: Vice President of Operations

Department: Warehouse and Custom Packaging

Reports To:CEO

Position Type: Full Time Exempt

Purpose of Position

  • To achieve the business objectives and goals of the Warehousing and Custom Packaging Departments.
  • To support the overall success of the company in the short-term and aid in positioning the company for long-term growth.
  • To provide customers with Best in Class Service and to support their business objectives and goals

Values and Business Practices

  • Customer First – We deliver on what we promise to our customers with a positive attitude
  • We treat everybody with respect and dignity
  • We operate with high business ethics
  • We are a good corporate citizen
  • We value our professional relationships
  • We strive to have a “Continuous Improvement Culture”
  • We are committed to the safety of our employees and our equipment/facilities
  • Our expectation is that all employees, customers, vendors will perform in a manner that will ensure long term success.
Company Expectations


Works the hours needed to support the business goals (including overtime, weekends and holidays). Remains open-minded, performs a wide variety of job tasks, transitions from task to task effectively (multi-task).


Always present and punctual; arrives prepared for work. Completes work in a timely, accurate and consistent manner. Plan and schedule your time off in advance with your supervisor or manager. Avoid unscheduled days off which will result in attendance points.


Maintains a “Whatever it Takes” attitude. Lives by company stated values and inspires others.

Willingness to learn

Approaches new tasks with an interest to learn. Has the ability to learn techniques as job task requirements change.


Seeks out additional work when job tasks are completed. Goes above and beyond required tasks. Participate in pre-shift meetings and department meetings. Display pride in your work area by maintaining daily housekeeping of our operations building, equipment, break rooms, restrooms, smoke areas, etc… Promote teamwork and assist in all areas and processes in the operation as needed / required.

Quality of Work

Maintains high standards despite pressing deadlines. Produces accurate, thorough and professional work.

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Understands the importance of “Only Handle It Once – OHIO”, by completing work correctly the first time.

Follows directions

Follows all written and verbal instructions provided by management, project leader, etc…


Shares all information in a professional and factual manner ensuring the best decisions are made for the company. Report all issues to your manager/supervisor.


Maintains an appropriate appearance and dresses in accordance with the establisheddress code guidelines to your respective position.


Follows all rules, guideline, and practices. Informs supervisor / manager immediately if unsafe conduct or conditions arise.

Position Competency

  • The ability to effectively lead and motivate a department of 200+ employees located in multiple geographical areas
  • The ability to manage multiple projects with durations of up to 12 months
  • The ability to prioritize and execute objects in a systematic approach
  • An extensive knowledge of the Warehousing and Distribution industry

Position Expectations

6. Safety

  • Meet the goals as determined by the Health and Safety Steering Committee
  • Develop plan and approach to meet stated goals
  • Ensure the safety metrics are updated and communicated at minimally weekly
  • Evaluate, develop and implement new processes to continue to reduce safety events

7. Financial and Profitability

  • Create and maintain a plan to achieve the department financial goals as determined by the CEO
  • Maintain and update 12 month rolling forecast of expenses in coordination with the Finance Team
  • Adhere to the expense authorization document
  • Manage all expenses with in respective department(s)
  • Continuously evaluate ways to improve the accuracy and efficiencies of department (identifying at least 2 significant improvements annually)

8. Quality and Tracking

  • Develop positive relationship with customers based upon flawless execution and open communication
  • Ensure all operational metrics are updated, monitored and communicated per the guidelines of each metric
  • Revenue per hour, cycle counts, errors, productivity metrics, etc.
  • Provide a weekly performance report of the previous week for review by the CEO
  • Provide timely responses to customer request and needs
  • Complete CARs when necessary and ensure customer resolution is completed
  • Ensure all paper work and data entry as detailed in SOPs and work instructions
  • Ensure necessary information sent out of the department is accurate and any errors are tracked

9. Management

  • Sets clear goals and expectations for all direct reports
  • Mentor, support and coach director reports to achieve desired goals
  • Properly documents all performance issues and creates a PIP when deemed appropriate

10. Project Management

  • When deemed beneficial by yourself or the CEO, a project outline will be create with the following items: Goal(s) of the project, required steps, required resources, analysis of risk and timeline
  • Any project not on course to meet its goals, timelines or budget needs to be communicated to the CEO at time of awareness

These expectations are meant to be a guide and may be changed at any time at the discretion of Allen Distribution.

It's crucial to evaluate the potential for growth and development within this position. Have you considered this before making a decision? When recruiters review applications, they are looking for candidates who demonstrate a high level of accuracy and attention to detail. We encourage you to carefully consider if this job aligns with your career goals before submitting an application. If you are confident that you meet all of the qualifications and requirements, please submit your application.