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Loss Prevention Manager

Posted: January 27, 2024 Expired: February 24, 2024
Human Resources (Taco Bell)
High School

Company: Human Resources
Location: 5425 Boone Ave N, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Job Category: G & A

Loss Prevention Manager Job Description / Routine

January 2024


To provide an environment keeping our Border Foods Family safe, protecting everyone from harm, protecting their employment, and leveraging sales for increased profitability through education, development, leadership, and support.

Prerequisites for the position:

Candidate should be AC of RC Level.

Required - 40% - 50% Travel.

Delaget Expert


Period End:
  • Run Audit Outlier Report
  • Review ending inventory / ICOS trends - send alerts to AC's.
  • Review petty cash / voucher report, send to Cash Verification Team and Teri S.
  • Post voucher expense on tracking form.
  • Run Stats (from the Loss Page), Sort by Meals / Beverage per transactions / by area by location, send to AC's.
  • Run / Sort / Audit AC Period Cash Audit Report from Zenput.
  • Send requests for information as needed.
  • Confirmation from Cash Office is needed.
  • Send final spread sheet, by entity to Angie / Cash Verification Team.


Monthly - (first week each month):
  • Run Stats (from the Loss Page) - Sort Discounts and Manager Meal Discounts:
  • By store, by state - send to Teri.
  • Print, review, approve monthly Loomis Bill - from Yooz.
  • Send construction project related charges to Tim.
  • Include off-day delivery charges (charges include fuel fee and wage fee).
  • Send off-day delivery charges to stores / AC's receiving them.
  • Send inquiries to Loomis Support / Scott Tofel.
  • Throughout the month: Review and approve Rochester Armored Car Invoice - BFI ND - from Yooz.
  • Review and approve Huntington Bank Invoice - BFI ND - from Yooz.TEAMWORK / ACCOUNTABILITY / FAMILY:

  • Taco Bell Safes:
  • Follow up on Service Channel Tickets
  • Work with facility team on replacements / warehouse inventory
  • Maintain and update Safe Tracking form.
  • Armored / Smart Safes:
  • Monitor new build list - 10 weeks out, request Service Agreement with Loomis / Huntington Bank - (ND Locations). Requires COO or CFO approval.
  • Request / set up Change Order Information from Huntington Bank. (five weeks out, send to team)
  • Request day of service for new locations - send to store team and AC/RC.
  • Monitor remodel list - work with facility team on de-installs / re-installs.
  • Maintain and update Armored Car Tracking Spread Sheet.
  • Annual - refresh notice of five-year terms - work with Loomis rep
  • Monitor safe repair tickets with Safepoint - for Loomis, and Huntington for BFI-ND.
  • Send / follow up manual deposit procedures to AC's and stores as needed.


Cash Verification Team:
  • Follow up on daily and 2nd and 3rd notice cash emails.
  • Support teams in research and explanations.
  • Monitor change orders received and funded.


LP Class:
  • Keep content current / refresh.
  • Develop regional instructors.
  • Teach Classes

LP Audits:
  • Keep LP Audit and Tote Audit up to date (Quarterly Review)
  • Train / Certify / Develop LP Audit Team (15-20 people).
  • Annual audit certification for existing auditors - LP Audits (one per location per year, plus follow ups).
  • Quarterly, post LP Audit Scores by area.

Payroll Fraud:
  • Support payroll team and treasury team as needed to recapture funds.

  • Annual:
  • Review and update cash and security policies for LP Guide / Border Foods Handbook.

  • Follow up on previous evening emails - cash related.
  • Review, credit card charge backs, research as needed.
  • Support investigations as needed.
  • Review, monitor cash related emails.
  • Support Video Request in-box as needed.
  • Review Detect (three / four times per week).
  • Delaget liaison.
  • AC / RC support as needed.

  • Send LP Recaps, Robbery Alerts, Scam Alerts, notices, as necessary.
  • APUG Calls: Every other period with Delaget LP Clients.
  • Participate in AC development - phase one and phase two.
  • Consult on AC Routines as needed on the LP side of the business.
  • Support the Risk Team as needed.

Other details
  • Job Family G & A
  • Pay Type Salary
This job was expired