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Acquisitions Specialist

1 Year

February 23, 2024 marked the release of the job opportunity for the Acquisitions Specialist role, which will no longer be open after May 23, 2024. Regardless of the location in Mission, this job can be performed remotely from anywhere. Does full time work match the type of work you're looking for? Work experience in the same field for at least 12 months is an integral requirement for this job. The employer not disclosing the salary allows for negotiation of it.


Sales Superstar wanted to join our real estate investment company! Please do not apply unless you are the best and can prove it! If you are ok making less than 100k per year, this opportunity is not for you. If you have the determination to make 250k+ with a lot of hard work, this job may be for you.

Revival Homebuyer is seeking a Acquisitions Specialist with amazing sales skills and the ability to perform at a high and fast paced level. You will need to LOVE talking to people all day and have the drive, desire and persistence to follow up with leads and close deals. Most sales aren’t “lay-down deals” and will generally require a high sense of urgency, problem solving, practiced sales process, and follow up to be successful. As an Asset Manager with Revival Homebuyer, you have the opportunity for unlimited growth and earning potential, to work side by side with a good quality team who cares for and supports one another, and to use your success to fulfill a greater purpose.

Our acquisitions team is engaged in ongoing training, tips, and even daily “check in” meetings to overcome obstacles and challenges as they arise. You must be a high caliber, intelligent, ethical person who wants to build a long term career and have

the ability to win customers, build rapport, and create win/win deals within the framework provided to you in training.

About Our Company:

We are an established Real Estate Investment company in Tampa FL with nearly 100 Five Star Reviews on Google and are part of the Better Business Bureau. You may have even seen us on TV!

Our purpose is to leave a legacy of positively impacting the lives of others and we do that in our community by partnering with the local charity “Children’s Dream Fund.” For every five houses we purchase, we sponsor the lifetime dream of a child who is battling a life threatening illness.

Our culture is second to none! We are a prideful team who isn’t afraid to work hard, but also a team who loves having the ability to work together as a team in “office” and outside of the office during our quarterly team building experiences. We have a culture and leadership that actively seeks to help support the individual goals of our team members. Our team is passionate about collaboration, growth, and ownership. Our Company can only get better with a team who understands that there is always an opportunity for growth, and a desire to do so. Our core values create the word “hope” (happiness, ownership, purposeful, efficiency). Both our culture and core values are two of our main drivers in ensuring we are adding the right person to our team.


  • Full-time


Everything the company does is in support of getting our Asset Managers onappointments so they can convert. This is how our company generates revenue. As an Asset Manager, it will be your mission to ATTACK our CRM and incoming leads with the highest level of persistence and urgency to create AND convert appointments!

You’re an integral part of a unified and driven team, so the expectations will be:

  • Team 1st mentality, with accountability to our process, metrics, training, daily huddles, and weekly meetings.
  • Responding to inbound leads with a high sense of urgency and care to book appointments.
  • Utilizing our CRM to persistently follow up with current and old leads to book appointments.
  • Analyze deals through due diligence, market research, property inspections and risk assessments.
  • Attending in person and phone/zoom appointments with sellers to present and convert our offers to purchase homes.

13 Reasons you MAY NOT be the right fit:

1. This position is hard. It requires hard work and dedication. Most people would fail. 2. There is an expectation to make at least 100k per year, minimally.

There are several things you need to consider before applying for jobs online to ensure that you find legitimate job postings and avoid scams. Researching the company's organizational chart and job descriptions can help you understand its career progression and job opportunities before applying for any job. Be cautious about providing personal information over email or through online forms, as it can be intercepted by scammers. Real employers will usually arrange for in-person or phone interviews rather than email or text. Reach out to the company to confirm that the job posting is legitimate and they are seeking applicants. Job postings that request access to your personal bank account should be treated as scams. Always investigate job postings before submitting any personal information. Be on the lookout for job postings that promise quick promotions or career advancement without explanation or criteria, as these are often signs of a fraudulent job posting. Be wary of job postings that require you to pay for shipping or handling of products.

3. You will spend time working at night and on weekends IF it means converting a deal. 4. There is a lot of time spent making phone calls - several hours EVERY day. 5. There is a lot of time spent on the road going to appts - sometimes several hours per day.

6. You will handle some sad/difficult/strange situations. You must have the ability/empathy to work through these difficult situations.

7. You will be expected to execute our sales process.

8. You will be expected to practice.

9. You will be expected to report on metrics daily.

10. You will be expected to constantly self evaluate and take constructive feedback. 11. You must be able to be self accountable while working from home.

12. You will be held accountable and must be able to lean into that.

13. You will be expected to not only embrace, but desire coaching and learning new skills

5 Reasons you MAY be the right fit

1. You thrive in a team setting that supports your unlimited growth

2. You are HIGHLY driven to succeed and make above average income 3. You thrive on a challenge and the adversity and determination that accompanies it 4. You want to align your success at work with a bigger purpose

5. You enjoy constantly being in front of people on the phone and in person


  • $5,000 / month base pay + commissions on each closed deal. The expectation of earnings for this role is a minimum of $100,000 annually, with the capability of reaching $250,000+ annually after 1 year.

This position reports directly to the Sales Manager and will interact with the Operations Manager, Senior Asset Manager, Leads Manager, and others as needed.


  • Paid Vacation
  • Health benefits (may be discussed)

Please note: you will be expected to set calls up with Revival Homebuyer and your referrals, professional references, and previous employers.

Have you analyzed this job posting with attention to detail? If so, it's time to make a decision. Don't rush to submit your application - take the time to evaluate if the job aligns with your long-term career goals. Please only submit your application if you are certain that you can fulfill the responsibilities and expectations of this job. It is important to us that all applicants have a clear understanding of the job expectations and responsibilities before applying. Likewise, has many other job vacancies that are similar to this job vacancy and worth exploring.