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Engagement -Democratic - Part Time - Remote


The Engagement -Democratic - Part Time - Remote job opportunity has been available since March 10, 2024, and it will be inaccessible after June 8, 2024. While the job is situated in Mission, it is a remote position that allows you to work from any location that is convenient for you. part time work can provide an opportunity to gain experience in different work environments and cultures. Since the salary is not exposed by the employer, you can negotiate based on the company's approach to environmental sustainability and responsible business practices.

We are an established fast growing startup and have developed something completely new and very different to what prevails today. We are looking a development consultant who would enjoy being apart of fast paced start up, positively changing everyone's lives. All on a partime time, remote basis.

We have recently launched a specifically designed platform to help democrats in ways everyone thought was not possible before. Our mission to unite all democrats in one private place enabling them to privately connect and engage with other democrats in ways never seen before, including a completely new way to access internet content and entertainment content changing their lives and the lives of all democrats. There is no reason for democrats to be concerned on being taken advantage of on current social media, the internet, apps and on their phones.

It's important that you view our website so you canbetter understand more about us. You can search/google us at Ganiverse Democratic or

The ideal candidate must be an extrovert, enjoys social networking, interacting with democrats and is looking for a part time, remote position, who wants to help democrats completely change their lives for the better. This is not a full time position but rather a part time one, putting in as much time as the ideal candidate may want, having a completely flexible schedule to go as fast or as slow as the ideal candidate wants all while helping others.

This is not a sales position.

Successful candidates will be extremely social, professional, enjoy networking and passionate about helping democrats. Do you want to be a part of a dynamic startup company if so now you can.

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  • Socialize and Network with democrats


  • Ability to work remotely and be internally motivated
  • Ability to multitask

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $30,000.00 - $115,000.00 per year


  • Flexible schedule

Work Location: Remote

Have you carefully read through this job vacancy? If so, now is the time to decide whether to apply. Submitting an incomplete or rushed application could hurt your chances of being considered for the job. Please make sure to carefully evaluate if this job is the right fit for you before submitting an application. We are excited to receive applications from individuals who are dedicated to fulfilling the responsibilities of this job.