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Part Time Writer


Full time work can provide an opportunity to gain experience in different work environments and cultures. March 7, 2024 marked the opening of the Part Time Writer job opportunity, which will end on June 5, 2024. Not knowing the salary, you can negotiate based on the company's approach to workplace equality and gender diversity. This job is in Mission, but you can do it from anywhere since it is remote work.

As a HALSTEAD content writer, you’ll be working on copy for websites, articles, social posts, and more, for various clients. Rather than focusing on only one brand with one message, you will be tasked with jumping between different projects, different clients, and different goals—discovering new skills along the way. You will be challenged with creating a cohesive, powerful brand copy across multiple platforms and mediums. And you will be continuously provided space and opportunities to learn new ideas and push your creativity and craft forward! This position is 100% remote.

Tactical responsibilities, typical day stuff:

  • Produce content that is creative, well-written, and aligned to the client’s strategy.

  • Understand the clients goals, if provided, or uncover the goals, by asking relevant questions and researching, and then collaborate with the team to establish a strategy for each assignment/piece of content, or work independently to complete copy.

  • Work with the SEO team for using specific, relevant keywords; writing for both seo and readers. All writing that lives on the internet is SEO content and will need to be optimized accordingly.

  • Assist with generating titles, outlines, and hooks for content.

  • Perform required research using search engines - referencing reputable websites, company trainual platform, client provided material, internal documentation, as well as “interviewing” expert team members for required facts.

  • When writing job descriptions, referencing client-provided material and job search engine for comparisons.

  • Keep track of and provide sources to support claims in content where necessary.

  • Write great written content– create clear, concise, polished copy that is consistent with our clients (or our own, when applicable) unique tone of voice and mission.

  • Interact with digital marketers, web and graphic designers, ad managers, and project managers, to create and review all content & ensure consistent messaging.

  • Help position the client as an industry expert in their craft, when writing client website copy and blog articles, as well as social copy.

  • Share ideas, opportunities to improve content, without necessarily being tasked to do so.

  • Be comfortable discussing KPIs in collaboration with PMs, web designers, ad managers, seo team, leadership, and supporting team.

  • Examples of efforts for which you will write::

    • Consumer-facing blog posts for client websites

    • B2B offers for websites like our own

    • Email marketing content

    • Social media posts

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    • Assist with social media ads

    • Brochure copy

    • Website copy

    • Copy to be used in video or graphics

    • Job descriptions

Measurement/Areas of success (how do you know you're doing an amazing job?):

  • Timely completion of written assignments

  • Content that is generally free from errors

  • Accurately written content that references well-researched facts or details

  • Fluff-free writing (void of filler sentences and/or words)

  • On-topic content

  • Deliver content properly aligned to the goal.

  • Progress your knowledge of how written content aligns to digital marketing strategy. (ie. what are the essential components of writing a social post that generates clicks? Best practices for A/B testing copy, etc).

  • When tasked with similar, repeat assignments, leveraging unique points or unique phrasing to differentiate content

  • Demonstrate ongoing improvement in writing voice, quality, attention to detail, and industry knowledge

  • Communicating with team on ideas, issues, opportunities

  • Being a team player

Pay: This is an hourly position paid in the range of $22-$29/hour, based on experience. Potential for full time in the future.

After reviewing this job vacancy with care, it's time to make a decision. Have you read it carefully? Please only submit your application if you are certain that you can fulfill the responsibilities and expectations of this job posting. Rushing through your application can lead to mistakes and oversights that can ultimately harm your chances of being hired. It is important to us that all applicants carefully consider if this job is the right fit for them before applying. In addition, if you're looking for a job with a different company size or structure, there are other job vacancies on that might be a better fit.