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Registered Nurse - Full Benefits Day 1

Trusted Health
CONTRACT$1,645 - 2,000 / week
3 Month

Trusted Health is currently hiring for jobs with various types of work, including contract, so think about what works best for you. September 13, 2023 was when the job opportunity for Registered Nurse - Full Benefits Day 1 was released, and it will end on October 11, 2023. To apply for this job, you must have gained 3 months of experience in the same field. While the job is currently located in Montana, the employer is open to discussing potential remote work arrangements for qualified candidates. The salary for this job, for the successful applicant, will be $1,645 - 2,000 / week. The work office is situated at Townsend, Montana , Townsend, Montana.

Trusted is seeking an experienced nurse for this exciting travel nursing assignment. Trusted has streamlined the travel nursing experience by enabling nurses to apply directly to jobs without the need for recruiters. This unique approach provides more transparency, eliminates pesky calls from recruiters, and puts more money in your pocket. Join the thousands of nurses across the country who have already made the switch to a more modern way to work.

Shift: 7:00 PM - 7:30 AM


• 3 months of experience with Cerner is preferred.


• Candidates must have a Montana license or compact license in hand at the time of application.

• Candidates must live at least 75 miles away from this facility in order to be considered a traveler when applying for this role.

• COVID vaccination required for onboarding. Medical declinations accepted.

• COVID booster required for onboarding. Declinations not accepted.

• Flu vaccination required for onboarding. Medical and personal declinations accepted.

Pre-employment modules may be required for this role. Please upload any certifications or health documents you have to your profile to expedite your on-boarding process.

Additional Information:

BLS and ACLS must be AHA.

To ensure that you find legitimate job postings and avoid scams, there are several things you need to keep in mind when applying for jobs online. Always read the fine print and thoroughly review the terms and conditions of any job posting or application before submitting it. To avoid working for a company that doesn't align with your personal values and beliefs, research the organization before applying for any job. It is important to contact the company to verify the job's authenticity and that they have a position available. A legitimate employer will usually schedule an in-person or phone interview with you, not just a text or email exchange. Stay safe from identity theft by being cautious with personal information when applying for jobs. If an employer requires you to pay a fee to process your job application, it is likely a scam. Protect your finances by avoiding job postings that require the use of your personal bank account. Be careful of job postings that claim to be for a -limited time only- or have an urgent deadline.

No guaranteed hours.

Rotating shifts.

BCB needs an RN who can cover for Intermediate Swing/LTC, Acute/Swing, and must have experience in ER.

CAH experience, preferred.

This position is to cover the needed day and NOC shifts that are currently open

2 references from last 12 months (Nurse Manager reference type)

Driver’s license required


• BLS (Basic Life Support)

• ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support)

• PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)

• TNCC (Trauma Nurse Core Course)

  • Skills Checklist: Yes
  • References: Yes
  • License Type: registered
  • License State: MT
  • Certifications: Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, Trauma Nurse Core Course, Basic Life Support

Job Details

  • Job Type: Travel
  • Nurse/Patient: – –
  • Shift Type: Night
  • Contract Date: 2023-10-09
  • Expected Length: 13 weeks
  • Hours per Shift: 12
  • Shifts per Week: 3

If you have reviewed this job opening with care, now is the time to make a decision. Don't let the pressure to submit your application quickly cause you to overlook important details – accuracy is the priority. If you are unsure about any aspect of this job posting, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for clarification. We encourage individuals who are passionate about this job opportunity and meet the expectations to apply for this job. Alternatively, there are other job vacancies on that might be more suitable for your experience and qualifications.