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Spa Directors

New Orleans

Although the job is primarily located in New Orleans, the company may be open to considering candidates from other areas or remote workers who meet the qualifications. full time work can provide a way to earn income while pursuing other interests or commitments. The job vacancy named Spa Directors was announced on February 24, 2024, and it will no longer be accessible after May 18, 2024. Not being exposed to the salary, you can negotiate based on the company's customer base and market share.

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About Us: SOL SPA Franchising is seeking a motivated, professional, and outgoing sales-minded individual in the New Orleans Market. If health, wellness, and looking & feeling your best is your passion, come join our team of self-starters in changing the way the world rejuvenates! We are looking for a Spa Director with great communication skills who are willing to learn new things. Please send your resume, along with a brief description about yourself & what you are looking for. Sales and management experience are a plus, but are not required! We look forward to hearing from YOU!

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