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Marketing Analyst Remote in NEW YORK

New York
10 Year

You don't have to be in New York to do this job since it's remote. Work experience in the same field for 120 months is a prerequisite for this job. The salary not being exposed by the employer means you can negotiate it during the job offer discussion. The job vacancy named Marketing Analyst Remote in NEW YORK was made available on January 15, 2024, and it will be removed on April 14, 2024. full time work might be just what you're looking for. Have you thought about it?

Job Title - Digital Experiences Analytics Senior Manager

Location: New York, NY


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  • 10 years hands-on experience of digital marketing with an understanding of the channels and tactics that influence business results
  • 10 years expert knowledge in Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics building complex reports and hands on experience in delivering actionable insights
  • Expertise in establishing reporting and optimization plans for digital and web marketing activities
  • Experience in managing larger projects with project members from across the marketing organization and IT
  • Work experience in global and regional or local marketing roles
  • Ability to translate strategy into execution and break it down into programs/projects to measure overall success.
  • Solid understanding of SAP’s B2B web funnel, from awareness to demand generation
  • Proven track record in stakeholder management across teams and organization, ability to breakthrough silos to achievesuccessful project delivery
  • Proficient communications skills in English

  • Responsible for reporting of and providing strategic recommendations to the business drawing insights from data trends and changes in the business.
  • Accountable for defining the metrics framework, analytics, and insights for net new projects and programs aligning with the central analytics team of corporate marketing.
  • Partner with numerous stakeholders to understand business questions and interpret the data into actionable opportunities for optimization.
  • Design and implement new reporting strategies combining multiple data sources and systems.
  • Manage and support multiple analytics projects across DX to support Corporate Marketing goals.
  • Ensure data integrity and quality in reporting and communication of results.
  • Establish cadence for reporting and insights, with continuous review and identification of areas for improvement based on stakeholder feedback.

JOB CODE: 60598

This is a remote position.

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