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Keeper Aide - Temporary

Posted: June 11, 2024 Expired: November 27, 2023
Oakland Zoo

Oakland Zoo

Keeper Aide - Temporary

This is a temporary position expected to last until September 30.

This position is subject to a collective bargaining agreement.

Position Summary

Keeper Aides get valuable experience in this entry-level position in the Animal Care, Conservation & Research (ACCR) department at Oakland Zoo.  The position provides support for animal keepers in their daily work and projects. Primary duties for this position are assisting the Zoo’s commissary staff and assisting the staff in the goat and sheep petting yard.

Essential Job Duties

  • Commissary - diet prep, delivering diets, cleaning, restocking and other projects
  • Petting yard - cleaning the goat and sheep barn and petting yard, cleaning and setup of the animal holding areas
  • General projects - sweeping, raking, shoveling, hosing, scrubbing, moving heavy objects, using a wheelbarrow, climbing a ladder, weeding, pruning, and/or using knives and other tools
  • Perform other related duties as required and assigned

Knowledge, Skills, and Qualities– May be representative, but not all-inclusive, of those knowledge, skills and abilities commonly associated with this position.

  • Communication – communicates respectfully and effectively with stakeholders across identities, both verbally and in writing
  • Inclusive Culture - fosters a culture of mutual respect, transparency, collaboration and belonging which allows all employees to feel appreciated, included, and valued
  • Sustainability – oriented toward the mission and values of the Oakland Zoo and able to put those into practice by finding creative and resourceful ways to develop sustainable practices within your role and department
  • Passion – wholeheartedly believes in, represents, and models Oakland Zoo’s mission and PRIDE values at all times
  • Wildlife Aware - understands mission to support the conservation and welfare of animals at The Zoo, locally and globally. This is demonstrated by a willingness/passion to reflect this mission in all actions and to continue to learn how to take action for wildlife.

Experience Required

Who You Are Excellent guest service communication skills and attitude Able to follow instructions and carry out responsibilities safely to avoid injury to themselves, other employees, visitors, and animals Able to work independently, thoroughly completing duties within specified periods of time Able to lift up to 50 lbs., pull/push 120 lbs., walk on uneven, wet, or slippery surfaces, work in various weather conditions, climb ladders and otherwise work at heights, be on your feet for most of the day, crouch down, and reach above their head Willingness to work with some physical risk while observing proper safety precautions Available to work 6-8 hour shifts 2-4 days per week during and outside of normal business hours, including weekends and most holidays The Oakland Zoo requires COVID vaccination* Bonus If You Have Some experience working around animals in a zoo or rehab setting Comfort working around people - including children Experience with the safe use of power tools


$21.41 per hour.

How to Apply

to apply. Applications due June 21st.

Oakland Zoo
9777 Golf Links Rd
Oakland, CA 94605
Phone: 510-632-9525

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