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Racine Zoo
High School 2 Year

One of the prerequisites for applying for this job is the successful completion of High School. Although this job is based in Racine, the employer is willing to consider applications from candidates who are willing to relocate if offered the job. Work experience in the same field for at least 24 months is an obligatory requirement for this job. May 11, 2024 marked the beginning of the job opportunity for the Zookeeper role, which will close on June 8, 2024. Since the salary is not exposed by the employer, you can negotiate based on the company's mission and vision. Racine Zoo offers full time jobs with comprehensive benefits packages. The work site is based at Racine , WI , Racine , WI.

Racine Zoo


The Racine Zoo is seeking to hire an experienced and energetic Zookeeper to join our fantastic team. The desired candidate has previous zookeeping experience with large and small carnivores, and bear species  This candidate would be the primary/lead for this routine, so leadership qualities are also preferred.  They must also be able to adapt to various other routines as scheduled. This is a full-time, benefited position.

Must also have the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff at all levels and possess excellent communication, time management and organizational skills to function effectively in a team environment. Applicants must be willing to work weekdays, weekends, and holidays in a variety of adverse weather conditions, and interact with Zoo guests in a positive way.  Must also be available to work any 8 hour shifts between 7AM and 10PM.

The Zookeeper is responsible for daily husbandry of animals as it relates to the animal’s physiological and psychological well-being, and for the general maintenance of exhibits. This position could also include diet preparation for the collection, inventory of diet supplies, and general kitchen maintenance.

Other Essential duties:

  • Work well with staff, interns and volunteers of all ages
  • Prepare diets according to the veterinarian’s recommendations
  • Monitor the physical and behavioral condition of the animals assigned to your care.
  • Clean exhibits, holding and service areas.
  • Report health or safety concerns for animals, visitors, and staff to management
  • Assist with medical procedures as needed, to include animal capture, restraint and handling
  • Administer medications prescribed by the veterinarian in accordance with his/her instructions.
  • Provide training and enrichment for the animals assigned to your care.
  • Assist with maintenance chores, movement of animals, and loading and unloading of supplies, feeds, and other goods.
  • Cheerfully interact to routine questions from the public regarding the zoo and the animals.
  • Complete accurate and concise daily written records.

Experience Required

Preferred qualifications/requirements: Bachelor’s degree in biology, zoology, or science-related field; 1-2 year’s experience working with animals in an AZA accredited zoo; other experience may be considered. Requires strong interpersonal skills and the ability to accept direction and work as part of a team; ability to lift a minimum of 50 pounds. Must be able to obtain a valid driver’s license by the date of hire.

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How to Apply

To apply, please submit your resume/cover letter, list of species worked with, and references attention to Angie Sagert, 200 Goold Street, Racine, WI 53402, Fax: (262) 636-9307, or E-mail to Position open until filled.

Racine Zoo
200 Goold Street
Racine, WI 53402
Phone: 262-636-9189

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Applying for the job without first reviewing the posting carefully is not recommended. Don't let the pressure to submit your application quickly cause you to overlook important details – accuracy is the priority. Please make sure to consider if this job is the right fit for you before submitting an application. We encourage individuals who have carefully reviewed this job posting and feel that they are the right fit to apply for this job.