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Associate Director - Servicing and Administration

4 Year

To qualify for this job, you must have at least 48 months of work experience in the same field. Although the vacancy is based in Rapid, it may be possible for interested candidates from anywhere to apply if they meet the necessary qualifications. The job vacancy of Associate Director - Servicing and Administration was released on March 2, 2024, and it will end on May 19, 2024. full time work offers different benefits and drawbacks - is it something you're interested in? The employer's non-disclosure of salary provides the chance to negotiate it.

Title: :Associate Director - Servicing and Administration:@ :Alpharetta, GA:
Terms of Hire: Full Time.
Salary: $Open+ Benefits.

Job description:
Delivery Manager - Platform and Product Engineering:
Who we are…:
At CLIENT, we are building the future of payments. As a member of the platform and product engineering and modernization group, you will be part of the team that is passionate about technology and about modernizing the payments landscape. We leverage technology in completely new ways to construct fully automated financial platforms that live in the cloud and take advantage of the latest machine learning, mobile, IoT and advanced capabilities. In fact, we are the engine behind many of the world’s largest financial brands, with award winning platforms that provide service to millions of customers, every single day.

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As an Associate Director, engineering your responsibilities will include….:
Leading people and teams by supporting their development, managing various innovation initiatives, and providing technical direction across a diverse team of 8-12 product engineers, technical analysts, and automation engineers. You will need the ability to dive deep and have a “hands on” approach to the team and the underlying technology stack. You will also need to have familiarity with open technologies and modern architectural approaches. You will lead in an agile environment where leaders typically focus 20-30% of their time building a positive, energetic culture to keep momentum moving in a positive direction.
Who you are…:
You are someone who wants to influence your own development. You are not intimidated by technology; you know how to leverage it and partner with technical experts to build great products. You know what to do to make things happen. Your skills are broad – business, technology, user experience, leadership – and you easily transition between those regularly. You like to leverage modern tools, and a simple but organized process to keep the teams and stakeholders on track and in-line with organizational business and technical objectives. You are also comfortable in a role where you transition seamlessly between managerial activities and low-level technical details, at times dropping into code to help the team meet its objectives while also keeping your skill-set sharp. Some other things we will expect:
    • Strong experience in software engineering and architectural patterns. Technologies: JavaScript, react.js/native, Java, Docker, REST/JSON, GraphQL, Kafka, RDBMS, AWS, Kubernetes, BPM technologies, open source and many more.
    • Experience working on large-scale, high volume applications
    • Experience with contact center solutions and modern approaches in building efficient and cost-effective products
    • Rapid personal pace with ability to deliver and drive results
    • Deep understanding of software quality and what it takes to construct resilient and impactful solutions
    • Strong mentoring capability and communication – both verbaland written
    • Ability to recruit people, screen candidates and be selective
    • Active involvement in setting technical and product strategy
    • Passion to build strong, self-sustaining engineering teams
    • Energetic, open, and collaborative across all teams and roles
    • Ability to practice servant leadership which is key to our success and culture
To qualify, you will need to have::
Highly Preferred
    • Bachelor's degree or equivalent in computer science, information technology or business information systems or related field
    • Extensive “full stack” software delivery experience (10 years or more) across multiple disciplines – hands-on development , Leading medium to large projects, understanding of infrastructure architecture, experience in agile development, DevOps, and project management...
    • 5 or more years’ experience in a technology focused managerial role with very clear leadership attributes – ability to set direction, grow team members, set goals, prioritize and recruit talent, among others.
    • Heavy exposure and implementation experience in modern technology, architecture, and automation patterns.
    • Experience and extensive knowledge in contact center solutions is a Plus.
    • AWS and/or Kubernetes certifications is a Plus.
    • High level knowledge and experience in risk management is a Plus.
    • Fluent, open communication style – speaking, writing, collaborating
What is it like to work in our Team?:
Our Platform and Product engineering is a team of advanced technical experts in a variety of fields who work together to incubate new capabilities in a rapid, prototype-oriented environment that emphasizes “product over process”. We’re huge advocates of open source and as a member of the Digital innovation team, you’ll not only work on innovative user experiences, massive data sets and infrastructure at scale, but you’ll also be working with a team of people who represent some of the best and brightest minds in payments. We have a growth culture that emphasizes learning and adoption of technologies that push the envelope, plus an open work environment that emphasizes collaboration across teams. Like what you see? Come join us!
What Are We Looking for in This Role?:
CLIENT Minimum Qualifications:
    • Bachelor's Degree
    • Relevant Experience or Degree in: related field of study from an accredited university is required; however, relevant experience in lieu of a degree may be considered.
    • Typically a minimum of 8 years
    • related professional experience including a minimum of 3-4 years’ experience in a supervisory position.
You Will Enjoy:
    • An opportunity to be a part of a great culture, an awesome team, a challenging work environment, and some fun along the way!
    • Apply today to learn more and be part of our Growth story.
All applications will be kept strictly confidential and once shortlisted, our team will be in touch with you for further discussions.

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