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Shift Lead - Non-Driving

Desert De Oro Foods, Inc. (Taco Bell)
Saint George

The employer's non-disclosure of salary means that you can negotiate your salary based on your potential and future performance. May 9, 2024 marked the start of the job posting for Shift Lead - Non-Driving, which will end on June 6, 2024. To have a chance at the job, submit your application before the expiration date as Desert De Oro Foods, Inc. (Taco Bell), the recruiter for this vacancy, does not accept late applications. While this position is currently located in Saint George, the employer is open to considering candidates who are willing to work remotely. The successful candidate will work on-site at 610 E St George Blvd, Saint George, UT, Saint George, UT.

Company: Desert De Oro Foods, Inc.
Location: 610 E St George Blvd, Saint George, UT

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Job Category: Shift Leader

Support the RGM by running great shifts in a self-sufficient manner. Take ownership and responsibility to solve problems; seek help from others when appropriate; and be willing to provide help and guidance to others.Responsibilities and Accountabilities:Ensuring Consistent Customer Satisfaction
  • Execute the MIC (Manager-In-Charge) Success Routine and ensure responsibilities under People, Customers and Service are completed.
  • Ensure that all Team Members complete their Shift Excellence tasks for their assigned position(s).
  • Ensure that all employees present a neat clean appearance and wear company uniform.
  • Personally demonstrate the Customer needs are the highest priority.
  • Ensure food safety, quality and accuracy of orders.
  • Resolve customer complaints quickly while maintaining positive customer relations.
  • Greets customers with a smile, is polite and pleasant when speaking with customers.
  • Works with urgency.
  • Works with management and fellow employees.
  • Cooperation with peers - work with fellow employees as part of a team, helps others when they need a hand.
  • Demonstrates a positive and enthusiastic attitude with co-workers.
  • Understands posted work schedule and reports to work as scheduled, on time, in uniform and ready to begin tasks. Provides appropriate notice when unable to be at work.
  • Understands and uses approved time keeping system, including accurately recording all hours worked.
Initiative and Energy
  • Takes action without being told, goes beyond what is simply required and maintains a high activity level.Developing People
    • Provide regular feedback to the RGM on the performance of Team Members.
    • Provide ongoing constructive and complimentary feedback to Team Members.
    • Actively participates in the training of Team Members.
    • Handle conflicts constructively and works with RGM to achieve resolution.
    Act Like an Owner
    • Assist Profit and Loss management by following cash control/security procedures, maintaining inventory and managing labor.
    • Oversee proper product preparation, rotation, portioning, cooking and holding times.
    • Assist RGM with facility maintenance and ensure health and safety standards are followed at all times.
    • Perform other duties as required by manager.
    Job Requirements and Essential Functions:
    • Strong preference for internal promote form Hourly Champion position.
    • Must be at least 18 years old.
    • Must pass background check criteria and drug test.
    • Must have reliable transportation.
    • Able to do basic business math.
    • Able to stock shelves and coolers.
    • Able to oversee and manage subordinate employees and provide direction.
    • Able to sweep and mop floors, dust shelves and lift and carry out trash containers and place in an outside bin.
    • Able to clean the parking lot and grounds surrounding the restaurant.
    • Able to tolerate standing, walking, lifting up to 50 lbs. and stooping during 90% of shift time.
    This list of job duties and responsibilities is not all inclusive. Employees typically average 30+ hours a week, but hours may vary depending on the operational needs of the business. The company and/or restaurant management may change or add to these job duties and responsibilities at any time with or without prior notice.

    The job posting contains important information that will help you decide if this position is right for you. It is important to us that applicants have a clear understanding of the job expectations and responsibilities before applying. We welcome applications from individuals who have carefully reviewed this job posting and feel that they meet the qualifications and requirements. It's better to submit a flawless job application a little later than to rush and make mistakes. In addition, if you're looking for a job in a different industry, has many other job vacancies to consider.